Floral Acai, Macadamia, Sweet Pea, Vanilla
I am sure that we will all stumble across the Body Shop butters at some point in our life; renowned for good quality, longevity and ultra moisturisation, these products have put their stamp on the body butter industry!
I can exclusively reveal to you that The Body Shop are now releasing a new take on their original butter in the UK - the 'Body Butter Duo' - making claims of up to 24 hours of moisturisation after one use! The product comprises of two compartments; one compartment is 'normal skin' softening butter and the one compartment is for 'dry, rough skin' with extra moisturising properties to battle the tougher areas.

Is it for me? - The product is marketed towards all those ladies (and perhaps gentlemen) who have dry skin in some areas, such as elbows and knees, but more normal skin in other areas, such as tummy and thighs, and want a product to accommodate for both types of skin.
What scents does it come in? - Floral Acai, Macadamia, Sweet Pea and Vanilla.
How much do I get for my money? - You get 200ml for £12.50; 'Love Your Body' card holders obviously get 10% off of the price!
Is it fair trade? - Absolutely! 6 main ingredients, varying across products, are completely trade fair. These are shea butter, cocoa butter, soya oil, brazil nut oil, beeswax and organic babassu oil.
When can I get this fabulous product! - It is released online and in store May 26th. Hopefully there will be an offer surrounding it also but this is yet to be announced.

Rush down to your local Body Shop store over the next week as stores are currently receiving stock for their testers so you can try this product to see if it is the one for you before it's even on the shelves!
I recently purchased the 'Dressing Out' brush by Denman and simply had to tell you all about it! I originally saw it on Vivs page and decided to give it a go; after shopping around I found the best price on Amazon coming in at £3.50 with free postage (compared to £4.03 at Boots and £2.87 on the Denman website plus £3.33 postage...shocking!).
This is a multi purpose and all inclusive brush, featuring three lengths of stiff nylon bristles, an easy grip center and a handy tail end for sectioning. These features make the brush and styling easy peasy; I like to use it for teasing hair, back combing and smoothing - finding it does all three brilliantly. (It also claims to be perfect for styling wigs and extensions if you're looking for anything for those!)
I'm so impressed with this brush, it's great value for money, fits in your bag and gives long lasting, effortless styles again and again. The only negative I have found with this brush is that stray hairs left in the bristles are hard to remove, but other than this it is fast becoming my style essential.
Barry M recently released two new colours - 'Peach Melba' and 'Blue Moon' - as a part of the spring/summer collection.
After two coats of polish I'm happy with the pigmentation and finish, Peach Melba is a soft peach with a glossy finish - my nails pictured above have no top coat on yet and my camera still picked up on the polishes light reflecting properties!

This shade is perfect for me as I have been hunting for a peach nail colour, so I'm glad I found it! What do you think of the new colours?
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