'Love Your Body' cards at The Body Shop entitle holders to 10% off all purchases all year round, a free £5 and £10 gift on the 5th and 10th shop with the card and access to exclusive events and offers.
Starting August 31st online and September 1st in stores, The Body Shop are offering card holders 30% off all purchases in store and online, including free standard online delivery. 
This is a great chance for card holders to try out the new 'Extra Virgin Minerals' range of makeup products - pressed powder, foundation and loose powder - for a fraction of the RRP whilst stocking up on your favourite products too.
Even if you're not a cardholder you can still reap the benefits; spend over £19 in a single transaction online or in-store on skincare and makeup and receive a free gift worth £21!

Love Your Body cards are available to buy in store and online for £5 and last for 1 year. I got my first card for free with a Groupon but will definitely buy another once it has run out of date.

To find out more about the 'Love Your Body' cards click here.
Scünci, pronounced 'skun-cee', has been producing innovative and inspiring metal-free and damage-free hair products since they first emerged in 2005, with ranges of hair clips, bands and accessories becoming increasingly popular and available worldwide.
Fun fact: It may sound like a foreign word but Scünci is intact the name of the scrunchie founders' dog!
I am always looking for products which can reduce the damage of everyday wear and tear to my hair to keep it healthy; as a hair elastic or band is something I use nearly every day it is important to me that the product does not damage my hair through regular and repeated use. Hair bands with metal joins can really damage the hair through repeated use, the metal can snag the hair and cause flyways and split ends.
My solution to this? Scünci metal free, damage free hair elastics! The patented design uses absolutely no metal what so ever at the join (pictured), using a strong glue to bond the band together instead, which in fact reduces the risk of the band snapping or breaking during use - one pack has lasted me well over a year!
I will never purchase a different brand of hair bands again, they keep my ponytail, bun, or chignon in place for hours on end and give me the peace of mind that my hair is damage free.

Scünci metal free bands are available in an assortment of colours, including black, brown and rainbow, and retail at £2.49 for 18 pieces in Boots.
Our makeup bags can be our prized possessions on the go or away on a trip; they can refresh our tired looking makeup or act as the perfect travel companion with all our makeup favourites kept right to hand in a miniture sized bag.
Sometimes the makeup bag becomes such a staple product for every day use that we can forget its important, it becomes a part of a routine and we forget about it; when was the last time you took time to clear your makeup bag of old makeup and dirty products? 
A dirty makeup bag can be damaging for our skins health, if it isn't cleaned properly along with the products inside it can be a haven for bacteria build up, dead skin cells and in extreme cases, mould - all these things can block pores and aggravate the skin.
Im embarrassed to admit that the last time I went through my makeup bag was in April - honesty is the best policy ladies - so its definitely time to clean up my act! I carry my makeup bag with me everywhere as I touch my makeup up once a day if Im on the go, its perfect to carry essentials with me for when I stay at my partners too.
This is my beauty bag data, prepare yourselves for the real dirty truth, Im disgusted with myself!

The Bag:
Bag data: Jack Wills medium sized makeup bag £12
The good: The bag is wipe clean and large enough to contain one of each of my essentials, including brushes and extras such as hair grips and clips. The side pockets allow for different products to be kept apart, for example, hair grips shouldn't be kept with makeup in case trapped hairs in grips contaminate brushes and makeup.
The bad: The front panel is cotton and so has become slightly dirty and stained, this could do with a clean to keep my bag looking lovely on the outside.
The ugly: The inside of my bag is a haven for bacteria, it is stained with foundation and blush - a dirty bag is not good enough, if it comes into contact with my brushes and products it can contaminate them and shorten their life span and quality. This needs a full clean and needs 24 hours for airing and drying so it doesn't become musty.

The Makeup:
Makeup data: Head jog hair grip for pulling hair off my face when applying makeup, Carmex lip balm, ELF cosmetics eyebrow and lash gel for perfecting eyebrows and tucking in stray hairs, Bad Gal mascara, Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara, MAC Creme blush, MAC powder blush, No7 Stay Perfect Foundation, Skinclear Oil Absorbing Sheets for removing excess oil from working in a hot atmosphere, Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof eyeliner, Sigma Pointed powder brush.
The good: Having one of each 'essential' product allows for a full application without the need to rush out and purchase other essentials when on the go - this saves money! Having one cream and one powder blush makes my bag adaptable, I can use both blushes together to achieve a bright look or use them alone to suit my needs. Tools are a must in a makeup bag for effective application, consistent use of the fingers can cause a build up of oil in product pans which can damage their quality and add un necessary bacteria. A lip balm with an SPF is essential to stay safe in sunlight. Products are packaged with lids, meaning product won't spill into the bag and damage it further, whilst protecting the products themselves. I keep my cheaper makeup in my bag - if I ever lose my bag I know Im not losing out on my favourite products from more expensive brands, for example, I keep my Chanel foundation at home which is near triple the price of No7.
The bad: Some essentials such as concealer and primer are missing, some products are out of date and need replenishing as they won't be at their optimum quality for use. Two mascaras are unnecessary.
The ugly: The brushes are in terrible condition - bacteria has clearly built up and can damage, add unnecessary oils and irritate the skin, these really need a clean! The Bad Gal mascara applicator has become clogged and thick, proving this product is out of date and needs throwing away - mascara applicators contain a lot of bacteria transferred from the lashes which are naturally full of the stuff! The ELF brow applicator and packaging is in even worse condition, with a hair contained on the brush - this is a beauty crime as hairs are not only gross to begin with but also clog brushes and add even more bacteria - this needs throwing away.

Making this post has really indicated to me that I need to clear my dirty makeup bag habits quickly and clean up my act, pronto! My makeup bag is airing as we speak, and the ELF brow and lash gel and Benefit products have been thrown out while my brushes are drying after having a thorough wash. I can't believe I spent so much time applying these products to make myself look nicer but at the same time was potentially damaging the quality of my skin and my products. I can save so much many by erasing the need to repurchase makeup and a whole new bag itself if I keep on top of cleaning regularly.

Top Tip: Clean sponge/velvet applicators at least once a week and throw out every month.
Top Tip: Clean makeup brushes after every other use to prevent bacteria build up.
Top Tip: If you use your fingers to apply blushes, use an antibacterial wipe over the pan once a week to reduce build up of dead skin cells, sweat and grease on the pans.
Top Tip: Keep track of your makeup life spans so you can replenish older products when they go out of date.

When was the last time you cleaned up your makeup bag and the products inside? Have you uncovered any dirty truths after reading this post? Let me know about your beauty bag data!
Heads up ladies! All Good Things skincare products are 50% in all Sainsbury's stores, including their newly launched body care line.
I only had small change available on my last visit so picked these face wipes up for a mere £1.79 (RRP: £3.49), I can't wait to go back and get the new Coconut body butter and Pomegranate and Avocado body lotion!
What will you be picking up?
A quick post to bring my readers attention to these little beauties, all new Body Shop 'Natural Lip Roll On' oils - gorgeous lip oils with a roll action ball for easy application. Available in five scents - Mint, Berry, Coconut, Orange and Rose - these mini sensations for the lips are retailing at a mere £3 for 10ml.
With key ingredients such as Community Trade soya and olive oil, the lip roll ons  nourish and moisturise the lips for up to six hours.
These have quickly become my must have product, Im so happy with the mint and orange scents that I plan on purchasing the rest of the range before they're gone (they sold out within hours of their release on the website).
My favourite cheek colour to wear is peach, it warms up my skin tone instantly and brightens my cheeks even on the dullest of days. By far my favourite peach blush is 'Peaches' by MAC, it's the perfect peach tone.
'Peaches' swatches true to its name, it's appearing perhaps a little chalky on my skin tone but blends far better with a brush when applied to my cheeks. As always, the blush formula is well pressed in the pan and picks perfectly on a brush, it is long lasting and long wearing which is why I pick this brand over others.

Mac Peaches Powder Blush retails for £17 from Mac stores and stockists.
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