MeMeMe, a brand inspired by the Ancient Greeks and Bohemian style, offer an affordable and eclectic range of cosmetics, suitable for every user's makeup bag. With a capsule range for the face, cheeks, eyes and lips along with gift sets, MeMeMe are keeping things simple and essential.
Seventh Heaven is the first I've tried from MeMeMe cosmetics, it came as a sample size in the December Glossybox in the nick of time as I've been searching high and low for a primer. If you wish to try this before you buy it, a sample of Seventh Heaven comes free with every MeMeMe order in December.

PRICE: £15.00/30ml

AVAILABILITY: MeMeMe online or locate your nearest stockist here.

CLAIMS: 'Rich yet lightweight, this Moisturising Facebase is enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene to rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate skin. Active nutrients and extracts work to brighten, smooth and even out skin tone to prime and create the perfect base for makeup application' - MeMeMe online

PRODUCT: The packaging has a vintage feminine feel about it, I quite like the frosted glass jar too.
Portability isn't a worry here because this is something I use before I put my makeup on and wouldn't carry with me through the day, though it can easily be packed into a travel case if need be.
The formula is indeed lightweight, of a creamy gel consistency, and smooths over the skin well - I use a pea sized amount on each side of my face and the finish is semi-matte with no shine. Cooling on the skin, once applied the face base gets to work at smoothing the skin - it feels plump and ready for makeup application after about 2-3 minutes. Even patches of dry skin are smoothed, a result I'm very pleased with!
The scent is divine, it reminds me of lemon meringue to be precise, with strong citrus notes it may be a little overpowering for some but the scent does get gentler as the day goes on.
The results really impress me, because the skin is so smoothed foundation and concealer apply better and my makeup stays put considerably longer; you can see from my blended swatch that the lines on my hand are significantly reduced and smoothed. It's a pleasure to apply and wear and I look forward to applying Seventh Heaven each morning.

RATING: 9/10 - My skin feels nourished after use and makeup stays put a lot longer compared to no primer, the product may not however be affordable for all but I feel the quality is worth it. I am considering a re-purchase despite the price because Seventh Heaven does do it's job exceedingly well!

Following my first experience with MeMeMe cosmetics I am quite impressed and fancy looking a little more into the makeup on offer, if you have any recommendations do let me know.
Looking at the range of products, Seventh Heaven is one of the most expensive products in the MeMeMe range, makeup starts at a price of around £4.50 through to around £11.
We all know Xen-Tan by now as the number one luxury tanner for achieving a healthy and natural glow; adored by celebrities and stylists alike Xen-Tan have received countless awards including Elle's Best Ever Beauty Buy 2009.
Since their launch in America, Xen-Tan have taken the UK by storm introducing a full line of tanners, accessories and gift sets. With claims to rid tanners of the notorious faux-tan scent (biscuits anyone?) whilst boosting the shade of the tan Scent Secure became one of Xen Tan's most popular releases; in 2012 Xen-Tan will be releasing a sister product to the original Scent Secure, Scent Secure Gold.
Scent Secure is a tinted moisturiser which aims to rid the scent of tan, add a healthy glow and moisturise the skin. With 24K gold leaf, Scent Secure Gold is far more than just a tinted moisturiser, offering a glimmer of gold which is proven to enhance the appearance of a tan.

Did you see Holly Arabella feature alongside three other bloggers in today's Xen Tan newsletter?
Jade from Xen-Tan offered to send me and three other bloggers a tube of Scent Secure Gold not only to be one of the first in the UK to try it, but so our readers can be the first too.
With only 50 tubes available, this product is ultra exclusive - we want to bring you tried and tested, honest reviews so you can decide if this product is for you, and more importantly if you need it in your life before it's release next year!

PRICE: £26.99/236ml

AVAILABILITY: Xen-Tan website exclusive until release, only 50 available!

CLAIMS: 'Scent Secure Gold is a moisturising, tinted bronzer with a difference. It can be used to add a subtle glow to the skin whilst nourishing and hydrating or it can be used over a weekly self-tan to deepen your colour. Formulated with 24K gold leaf, a unique and luxurious ingredient that melts onto the skin, enhancing it with a soft, golden sheen for a beautiful grown-up glow.' - Xen-Tan online

PRODUCT: When my parcel arrived I received a gorgeous golden box, filled with gold tissue paper and golden sequins; to my delight this reflected the gorgeous golden product inside! The packaging is deluxe, reflecting the product perfectly - the glimmering gold looks gorgeous on my shelf and the tube easily dispenses the product giving you a lot of control.
The formula is fluid and blendable, it applies with ease and a little goes a long way so I can see this product lasting quite a few months. It contains tiny flecks of gold shimmer which catch the light and enhance the look of a tan, whilst the deep shade adds a hint of colour to the skin.
As you can see, with just one application the product has enhanced the shade of my skin, it looks healthier and more glowy; when applied over tan Scent Secure Gold noticeably deepens and enhances the shade. As the formula is paraben-free it's completely safe to use on the skin and face. What's great about the formula is it washes off, you can re-apply the product whenever you so choose, it's great for a quick-fix and instant boost which doesn't transfer onto your bed sheets and clothes! It's also moisturising, it won't rid you of really rough or dry skin because that isn't the aim of the product but it will smooth your skin nicely.
The notorious, unpleasant scent of tan is immediately eradicated once applied, I couldn't believe how quickly this product worked on removing the scent. I've always hated the tell-tale scent of fake tan, no matter how natural a tan looks if it smells I feel so put off, this product feels like an answer to all my tanning prayers. The scent is replaced with a subtle floral scent, we all know by now I prefer fruity scents but I'm not too bothered by this because the scent fades within an hour.

RATING: 9/10 - Scent Secure Gold is truly a special product, it completely eradicates the fake-tan scent whilst deepening the tan and moisturising the skin. My only niggle is the scent of the product, it's a personal preference but I prefer fruiter scents.

If you are looking to deepen your tan whether it be natural or fake in an instant and/or rid your skin of the unpleasant tan scent then this product is quite suited to you! I like to use Scent Secure Gold even when I haven't used tan to give myself a subtle glow.

There are only 50 products available until the release in late January, if you want Scent Secure Gold to boost your tan in time for the new year you'll need to order quick! All orders include free standard delivery, you can find the product here.
Clinique, a part of the Estee Lauder corporation, were founded back in 1968 as the worlds first allergy tested skincare line. Most famous for their 3-step skincare range, Clinique have come far in their years launching lines of makeup, perfumes and a male skincare line.
One of the most recent Clinique skincare offerings is 'Moisture Surge' a range of three products including moisturiser, tinted moisturiser and face spray to give light yet effective moisture to thirsty skin. I picked up the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst relief a few months ago in Boots and thought I'd share my mixed thoughts.
'Smooths, softens'

My Top LUSH Bath Products

21 December 2011
It's Christmas time (in case you didn't know!), and that means I've left my beloved home in Northants to come back to Essex for a week or so to work and see my family. The one thing I've missed since moving is  relaxing in a bubble bath after a long day, we only have a shower in my rented student house.
My dearest friend Samantha treated me to a delightful selection of LUSH bath bombs and melts to enjoy whilst taking full advantage of the bath here in Essex for Christmas, these are my top picks for the most girlie and relaxing bathing experience!

Bubble Bars: Bubble bars are crumbled under running water to release their scent and encourage bubble formation.
Bath Bombs: Bath bombs are placed into hot water, they will fizz on contact to release scents and colours.

The 'Sex Bomb'
Aptly named 'Sex Bomb' arose from a 'name a bath bomb' customer competition. Scented strongly with ylang ylang, jasmine and vegetarian musk, infused with soya milk, this bath bomb fizzes wildly on contact with water and leaves a lingering scent on the skin, which feels soft and smooth. For me it's the ultimate relaxation bomb, it calms me after a long day and gets me ready for bed.
Sex bomb prices at £2.99 for one bomb, available in LUSH stores and LUSH online.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Candy Mountain comes as a part of the limited edition Christmas collection and it's a best seller! I use half of the bar in each bath by crumbling it under the running water to release it's gorgeous candy scent - a scent which reminds me a lot of their ever popular 'Snow Fairy' shower gel. The bath water transforms to a pale-pink shade taken over by bubbles, my skin feels soft after use too; this is every girly-girls dream world!
Candy Mountain retails at £2.35 per product, available for a limited time in LUSH stores and LUSH online.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
Creamy Candy is another bubble bar, it is a part of LUSH's permanent line to give you candy pink coloured bath water with gentle bubbles. Creamy Candy smells strongly of candy floss, a scent which lingers on the skin a few hours after use. I use about 1/3 of the bar in each bath crumbled under hot water, a little goes a long way. LUSH are proud to announce the candy flower decorations are now 100% vegan and can be used by all, hurrah!
Creamy Candy retails for £2.35 per bar in LUSH stores and LUSH online.

The 'Magic Wand' Bubble Bar
The 'Magic Wand' is limited edition and a solid bath version of 'Snow Fairy' for those bath lovers out there, it's bound to bring fun to anyones bath time with the adorable pink ribbon and bell! Simply swirl the star in running water to reveal the divine scent of sugar and candy floss, whilst encouraging bubble formation. This is the longest lasting bubble bar I've used from LUSH, as you can decide how much you use and when to stop 'swirling', what's even better is the scent lasts all day long.
The Magic Wand retails for £4.95/100g in LUSH stores and LUSH online.

It's important to note that the LUSH products are renowned for their strong scents, if you prefer subtle scents these products may not be for can however use a little bit of each product to get a more subtle scent.

What are your top LUSH bath products?
NARS, ever popular for their x-rated product names and wide range of shades, began the 'orgasm' legacy way back in 1999 with the orgasm blush, having since released nine more 'orgasm' products including a lipstick, gloss, nail polish and the coveted illuminator. The range became so successful a 'Super Orgasm' shade was launched - a supercharged dose of the original 'orgasm'.
Following the success of the launch of NARS Orgasm Illuminator, three further shades were released to create a complete collection.
Illuminators - also known as highlighters - became increasingly popular this year having featured on many catwalks and makeup counters. Best applied to the cheeks, brow bone and cupids bow either under or over foundation, they're the one stop product to achieving a glowy complexion in an instant.
I chose to purchase NARS Super Orgasm back in July, I was mesmerised by the swirls of gold, peach and red. At first it seemed like the perfect summer illuminator, it has infact seen me through autumn and winter!
The tube is light and portable, as always I adore the classic NARS packaging, simple and sophisticated, showing off the shade.
The formula is fluid and so blends well, I've found it's quite moisturising too. A smooth and shimmery finish is the result of lightly blending, giving a warmed appearance on the skin.

I apply my illuminator over foundation and before blush, I apply Super Orgasm in an upwards motion from the inner to the outer of the apples of my cheeks only. This gives a pop of colour and wonderful glow, I follow with blush underneath the line of the highlighter then blend together; it's my way of achieving a glowy complexion and giving the effect of cheekbones...which I unfortunately was not blessed with!

The shade tends towards golden peach on my skin tone - I wouldn't recommend this for skins of pink undertone, it's a shade more complimentary to olive and dark skin tones.

The difference between 'Orgasm' and 'Super Orgasm' is Super Orgasm has more shimmer and is far more pigmented, the golds and reds are more predominant also. If you prefer lighter, subtle shades with only a hint of shimmer then Super Orgasm is probably not for you and Orgasm may be a better choice.

NARS Illuminators retail at £21.50 for 30ml from all NARS concessions, online and ASOS.
Natural Collection is an affordable body care range developed by high street retailer Boots, popular for it's quirky packaging and fruity scents it's seemingly the perfect range for bringing some fruity excitement on a budget to shower time.
'This gentle scrub blended with revitalising mango and papaya extracts leaves your skin softer, smoother and noticeably brighter'
Deborah Lippmann, manicurist to stars such as Renee Zellwegger and Gwyneth Paltrow, launched her range of professional polishes and nail care products in the UK earlier this year. Her polishes quite cutely each take their name after one of their founders favourite songs, with the shade to match the mood of that song.
You may have seen 'Razzle Dazzle' feature in yesterday's blog about the Decemeber Glossybox, a few of you tweeted me asking for swatches asap so I swatched away especially for you!
The pot I received is a sample size, full sized pots are a little larger. Each polish is encased in a glass container to show off the shade, with a screw top lid and slimline brush for ease of application. In just a few strokes the nail will be alive with colour - I found this particular shade took three coats to achieve the desired look and it's very true to the shade in the bottle.
Application is effortless and the drying time is super quick which I found really impressive and useful. Three coats gave me a glitter ball effect of full-bodied colour, the finish is slightly matte but this can be rendered with a top coat if you want a more shiny finish.
The shade itself is a delicious mulberry wine with specks of deep purple and fuchsia which blend into the most gorgeous shade.

Deborah Lippmann nail polishes retail at £14 each sold in House of Fraser online and in selected stores.

If you want this exact polish you can get it as a sample size along with other great products with the December Glossybox for £12.95 until December 19th, you can read more about that here.
Denman are that well known hairdressers' brush brand, retailing brushes which sweep through the tresses of celebrities and Britain alike. My first ever brush was the classic Denman Styling Brush and to this day I still have it!
Just in time for Christmas Denman are proud to launch their new line of hair stylers, 'Ice Diamond' Straighteners - colourful stylers with ten diamante appliqués available in large or mini.
The fabulous Sian from Denman offered to send me a styler to put to the test, she knows me so well and sent me the large pink styler...and I'm in love, anything pink and diamante is me all over!
The stylers feature:
  • Five adjustable heat settings of up to 200 degrees
  • 2 metre tangle free swivel cord
  • LED Display 
  • Dual voltage for travel
  • Ten diamante insets
  • Carry case
  • Heat pouch
The packaging is ultra-glamorous whilst remaining practical, I had thought the diamantes would dig into my hand but they are inset well so don't affect your hand - the styler remains lightweight making it a breeze to style with.
The plates glide through the hair effortlessly with no tug or pull, this maintains the natural shine and fall of the hair whilst reducing the need to repeatedly straighten the same area. You can achieve subtle flicks, tumbling curls or sleek straight styles all in one styler, simply adjust the heat tailored to the look you want to achieve and get styling!

Ice Diamond Mini stylers are priced at £28.99 and Ice Diamond Large stylers are priced at £69.98, available in four shades. I'd say the mini stylers are ideal for portability, fringes and shorter hair; where the large stylers are best for everyday use with medium-long thick hair.
You can view the whole range here.

For 20% off your order with free delivery on spends over £30 enter code ICEV20 at the second page of checkout!
In 2010 Nicola Roberts, star of Girls Aloud with tumbling ginger locks, re-launched her makeup line - 'Dainty Doll'. Dainty Doll seems to have remained in the dark since it's launch, though available at top retailers such as Harrods it's had little blog and media exposure.
I received a Dainty Doll blush in shade '003' in my Cosmo Blog Awards goodie bag, I was looking forward to give something from the range a whirl as I have wondered whether a popstar can successfully market a makeup line?
Dainty Doll blush is available in three shades (left to right) Hippy Shake, Money Talks and My Girl - they can be used to add colour, contour and highlight.
The Dainty Doll packaging for me is to die for, its simplistic and chic, I adore the drawing of Nicola for its fun and retro fashion. The compact is slimline, featuring a mirrored side and pan.
Money Talks is a shade which tends towards a dusty mauve/vintage pink, it has a slight shimmer which makes it perfect for contouring and highlight. I'd advise using this sparingly then building, it's a very pigmented shade meaning it can appear very strong if you go too heavily with it. The formula is finely milled and pressed, it picks up onto a brush or finger effortlessly and glides across the skin, giving a long lasting look.

It would seem Nicola has gotten her line from what I've tested bang on trend, I love the wearable feminine shades and long lasting formula, there's definitely something in the range for everyone.
Dainty Doll blush retails for £14.50 per 7g available at Boots, Harrods and
It's been named the holy grail concealer of many a beauty blogger, when my beloved Mac Studio Concealer ran out I bit the bullet and bought a much more high street concealer.
Collection 2000 has been around for as long as I can remember, it's a budget beauty brand sold in high street stores, it offers a key capsule range of makeup at an affordable price. 
Lasting Perfection concealer is one of Collection 2000's most popular products, available in just four shades it's simple and straight to the point, a full strength, full coverage concealer.
PRICE: £4.19

AVAILABILITY: Boots and Superdrug

CLAIMS: - 'Ultimate wear concealer conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. Oil free, transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage. Provides beautiful, shine-free, blemish-free skin for every waking hour' - Collection 2000 online

PRODUCT: The packaging for me is very basic but I quite like it, the only downside is the font rubs off really easily through daily wear and tear. The tube is slim and slender enabling ease of transport and popping in your handbag for on-the-go touchups, it's a very handy design!
Ignore the hideous blue undertone to my skin, being poorly has altered my skin pigmentation!
The applicator is a sponge tipped wand, it's easy to clean and collects the right amount of product for one application - you only need to use a little of the concealer to conceal dark circles and blemishes because it's so blendable. The formula is quite thick and creamy but blends out nicely and evenly - it's easy to work with and works well under or over foundation.
I can say, hands down, this is the longest wear concealer I've ever used. I apply it in the morning and it doesn't budge all day, I sometimes need to touch up blemishes if they're really bad but my under eye circles are concealed all day long. I'm really impressed with the longevity!

RATING: 10/10 - I can't believe how well such a low-priced concealer works; it does everything it claims to do and really stands the test of time. I've repurchased this twice now and can't see myself ever purchasing another concealer!
Estee Lauder, premium brand marketing skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrance was founded way back in 1946, and since has come a long way. In October, the brand announced its collaboration with Tory Burch to release exclusive fragrances, set to launch in 2013.
Evelyn Lauder, founder of the pink ribbon breast cancer campaign and executive of Estee Lauder, sadly passed away this year aged 75. I am sure Evelyn would be proud to see the Estee Lauder legacy live on with pride, she is a true inspiration to us all.
'Double Wear' foundations are one of Estee Lauder's most popular releases; a range of three foundations to suit any wear. Double Wear Light give the lightest coverage, Double Wear is the standard and classic foundation and Double Wear Maximum Camouflage gives the most coverage.
My skin has been a nightmare lately, so I've chose to go all the way and purchase the highest coverage with Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage; I was colour matched to 'Vanilla Light', a very good match in my eyes. The rest of the shades available are below:

PRICE: £26.50

AVAILABILITY: Debenhams, House of Fraser, Estee Lauder concessions, Estee Lauder online

CLAIMS: '12-hour staying power. Soothing, natural-looking, liquid-creme makeup for concealing all skin imperfections, including surgical and acne scars, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins. Helps protect with SPF 15' - product packaging

PRODUCT: The packaging is naturally deluxe, the royal blue and gold contrast is delectable. I really like the tubular packaging and squeeze-action end, it's far easier to dispense the right amount of product than the classic glass jar without a pump (encases Double Wear foundation).
The formula is creamy and semi-fluid whilst completely odourless, as a full camouflage foundation I expected it to be far thicker which is interesting. Needless to say, I'm really impressed with this formulation, it glides over the skin giving immaculate and totally even coverage; I have a few cuts and scars on my face which are instantly covered with this foundation - it is perfect for those with surgery scars or acne. I also dab a little of this foundation on imperfections on the skin, as it is a face and body makeup, and it covers them perfectly. It isn't patchy nor cakey, it's absolutely flawless and a little goes a very long way, it blends out so well.
The wear time is impressive too, the foundation has lasted just as long as I stays from when I put it on until when I take it off without budging at all, it doesn't transfer to other fabrics if brushed against and it doesn't fade or slip.
I've also found this foundation is an excellent base for powders and blush, it smooths the skin to give a flawless base to apply further makeup, I'd go as far to say it helps the rest of my makeup stay longer too.

RATING: 10/10 - I honestly feel as though I've found my holy grail foundation, I feel excited each time I pick this up to apply it. The results are incredible and I feel confident in my skin again, it's absolutely worth every penny.
'Good Things' are a skincare company I've raved about for a good few months on my blog, I've enjoyed using their paraben, mineral and sodium free products and bought over ten packets of their wipes! I truly am obsessed with the scrumptious scents and no animal-testing ethos. When Superdrug had 50% off Good Things I bought the Miracle Mattifier, I was also gifted it in the Cosmo Blog Awards goodie bag.
PRICE: £7.99 per 100ml

AVAILABILITY: Superdrug and Sainsbury's

CLAIMS: 'Even if your skin is oily, it needs moisture to keep it soft and healthy. Miracle Mattifier pulls off a clever balancing act. It is quickly absorbed and gives your skin plenty of hydration while clarifying blackcurrant extract helps to absorb any excess oil, so your skin stays smooth and matte and is less prone to breakouts' - product website

PRODUCT: The packaging fits nicely with the rest of the range, the dusty blue and purple contrast packaging gives a unisex feel to the product, whilst it's design enables ease of dispensing the product.
The formula is of a medium consistency, it rubs into the skin easily and smells fantastic, a little goes a long way which impressed me. I did notice my skin was slightly more 'matte', there was no traceable shine or oiliness, and it felt smoothed; unfortunately, these effects didn't last too long for me which is a shame. I can't say that prolonged use has made my skin less prone to breakouts either.

RATING: 5/10 - for me this is a middle of the road moisturiser, although it does mattify my skin it isn't to a considerable degree and the effect isn't so long lasting. I do however enjoy the scent, but it's quite pricey!
Label.M have released their first professional solution to take care of ageing hair - 'Therapy' - with four specially formulated problem solvers; Shampoo, Conditioner, Recovery Mask and Protein Cream, all sulphate-free.

So what's the big deal about sulphates? Sulphates, particularly Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Lauryl Sulphate, are contained in many high street hair brands. They're essentially cheap foaming agents, but come with disastrous effects - they can strip the hair of it's natural nutrients and protective layer, long term use can cause long term damage.

Hair becomes aged as soon as it leaves the root, as we age our hair ages obviously but it isn't quite as simple as that. It's a slightly different issue to our skin as 'aged' hair can be anything brittle, thin and damaged not necessary age-old; our hair age can be a completely different age to our actual age, and for this reason, Label.M have developed a range suitable for all, with benefits specifically targeted towards those aged 20 onwards.
Label.M have developed an 'apothecary' formula specifically for their products to ensure they guide your hair in the right direction to restoring a youthful bounce and shine. The Rejuven-8 complex utilises eight of the most hair nourishing ingredients, including White Caviar, Sweet Chestnut and Iron Rose Crystal.

I was sent the Recovery Mask and Protein Cream for my 20th birthday - I'm just in time to benefit from the Rejuven-8 complex and it can't come at a better time! I've used Label.M since I discovered them at my last visit to my local Toni&Guy salon, though pricey the products (for me) really do the job and do the job brilliantly.

We all know I'm obsessed with Label.M Hair masks, I condition my hair every third wash with a Label.M mask. With a glorious scent which reminds me of non-alcoholic pina-colada, applying the mask is a dream. On contact with the hair it feels instantly smoothed and detangled, once dry the effects are immediate - my hair is bouncy with touchable softness; my ends are also significantly in better condition after just one use, with prolonged use they maintain a stronger appearance.
The protein cream is a luxury add-on product, it's easy to rub between my hands and apply through the lengths of my hair. It noticeably increased the strength of my hair, it was more resilient to brushing and styling and I've noticed less fallout with repeated use. It also adds a wonderful shine to my hair, it's so shiny that it goes a little static! I feel to benefit from the age-defy effects of this product hair needs to be slightly older, I'm going to give this to my mum and see if she sees any difference too.

Label.M Age Therapy range is available from Toni&Guy salons, priced between £13.75 and £17.50. If you get your shampoo and conditioner in time for Christmas you could get a stunning Giles Deacon gift box to save you the wrapping, see more here.
Hi everyone, apologies for my lack of posting reviews and swatches recently, I'm laid in bed with an infection around my chest and heart; it isn't too serious but I've got to get lots of rest! Thanks for the amazing tweets you've been sending with well wishes, I should be much better in a few days.

A week or so ago I brought you swatches from the first of my Topshop Makeup haul, powdered blush in 'Pop'. Here's the second instalment of my Topshop powder blush swatches in 'Powdered'.
Powdered is a deliciously dusty pink shade, highly pigmented and easy to apply, I find it lasts around five hours without fixing powder. As always the blush is packaged in adorable spotted contrast packaging, inclusive of a mirror on the inner palette.
You can blend the shade to be as bright or light as you wish, it picks up on a brush with ease. I like wearing this lightly on my cheeks in the day and more layered in the evening for a bolder look.

'Powdered' is available exclusively to Topshop in store and online for £6 per 5g, bargainous!

Moroccan Oil became popular earlier this year when hair oils received considerable media and blog coverage as a miracle care and repair product; Moroccan Oil is generally seen as the 'original' hair oil and won two awards this year.

The proprietary ingredient, Argan Oil, is rich in vitamins and natural elements such as Omega 6, Vitamin E and Phenols to nourish and smooth the hair. Moroccan Oil are proud to say they do not test on animals and are environmentally friendly, where possible, product packaging is from recycled packaging materials.
I received my bottle of Moroccan Oil in my Cosmo Blog Awards goodie bag (here), my mum enjoys using the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner and with hair oils such a hot topic, I couldn't wait to give their signature product a go.
PRICE: £30.45/100ml or £12.85/25ml

AVAILABILITY: Worldwide stockists, search for your nearest salon stockist on the Moroccan Oil website here. Moroccan Oil is also stocked on Amazon and

CLAIMS: 'Revives hair, strengthens and conditions, reduces drying time' - Moroccan Oil website

PRODUCT: I'm instantly transformed to paradise with the mesmerising bright turquoise label, copper font and amber packaging, sealed with an 'original' label which flows with the deluxe and salon-exclusive feel of Moroccan Oil as a brand. The larger 100ml bottle features a pump (pictured) which fits snugly on the cap for easier use and dispense of product, I use mine with the pump as it locks and unlocks easily which is ideal for storage.
The formula is fluid and oily, it does not leave a greasy feeling on the hands or hair after use (as pictured). It is easily distributed through the hair with the fingers, I apply mine using a scrunching motion to just the ends of my hair as they need the most nourishment. One pump is enough for medium length fine hair, but longer and thicker hair may require two pumps, I wouldn't exceed two pumps as this is when the product could look a little greasy on the hair, as would be expected.
The natural woody scent of the product is universally irresistible, not overpowering or overly noticeable but most definitely pleasant with each swish of the hair. 
In terms of results, I'm very impressed. At first I hardly believed a product could decrease drying time of my hair but that it does even if I don't use heated appliances, the site of application tends to dry first and quicker (for me by about fifteen minutes). My hair feels instantly smoother following application, once dried it is a lot more manageable, supple and smooth. Having used this product after every wash for one week I have definitely noticed my dry ends retaining moisture and looking healthier, obviously it isn't going to banish dry ends completely but it's most certainly increasing their health and resilience. You can also use the oil on dry ends, perfect to smooth frizz and add shine but make sure you use sparingly to prevent looking greasy! 

RATING: 8/10 - Moroccan Oil is gradually improving the condition of my ends without leaving a greasy residue and lives up to all claims, but the price is extremely steep; this is most definitely a luxury beauty buy. I'm hoping it will last me a long time, but for this reason I would not repurchase the product because it isn't within my budget as a student, instead I would turn to L'Oreal Mythic Hair Oil (review here) as a good alternative for half the price.

For the holiday season Moroccan Oil have introduced six gorgeous packs of products (full and sample sized) to share with your loved ones, viewable here and available at selected salons only.
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