bareMinerals recently launched their first ever palettes called the 'READY' collection. Consisting of two eyeshadow palettes (one with two shades, one with four), blush, bronzer and touch up veil - all available in a range of shades - the new collection offers everything a bareMinerals fanatic needs to keep their look fresh throughout the day.
The 'READY' 4.0 Eyeshadow collection consists of four colour-palettes with four blocks of colour, each carefully created to take you from morning to night with a combination of different colours to create different looks.
L-R Top Row: 'The Truth', 'The Afterparty'
L-R Bottom Row: 'The Rhythm', 'The A List' (*)
There's a shade palette to suit everyone's tastes, whether you're a fan of the nude look, smokey eyes, or prefer a pop of colour. Key ingredients in the shadows, such as SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex, powerful antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber, help to de-puff and smooth the eye area throughout wear. All products contain no parabens, harsh chemicals binders or fillers and are certainly not tested on animals!
bareMinerals 'READY' palettes all follow a similar packaging look and feel, the packaging is sturdy but I do fear the product could shatter a little if dropped, as it isn't entirely rubberised. The sleek black packaging is portable and light, when you open the palette it reveals a good sized mirror and a small sponge applicator, which I actually found to be quite good quality!
L-R: Icebreaker, Fashionably Late, Swanky, Black Tie Optional
Each eyeshadow has a powder formula, but I found the powder to have a wonderfully smooth and almost creamy feeling texture to it; it glides over the eye wonderfully and deposits a burst of colour immediately.
Each shade obviously has individual pigmentation, over all I'd say the palette is generally very well pigmented. Icebreaker and Fashionably late are frosted shades, Swanky is a matte purple with flecks of glitter and Black Tie Optional is a simple matte black.
The shades are really versatile, I found I could create a number of looks from this palette, the wear time lasted all day and even longer with a primer.

Having tried and tested one of these palettes, I'm eager to try more! The formulation is very impressive and the shades, I feel, are to die for. I love the practicality and portability of the palettes, not forgetting that if 4 shades aren't for you then a 2.0 range with only two shades in each is available also.

bareMinerals 'Ready' Eyeshadow palettes retail for £29.00 each from bareMinerals online, Debenhams in-store and online, and other selected bareMinerals retailers.
Yesterday I introduced a new skincare brand launched by Linda Papadopoulos which takes a psychodermatological approach to skincare by tackling one of the key causes of ageing and dull skin - stress. The range aims to sensitise the skin by using scents and textures which relax and calm at the beginning and the end of your day, whilst getting you into a healthy skincare routine.
The range of eight products has only one lip product, the 'Lip Rescue Gel' (*). The gel contains Vitamin E to smooth the lip surface and a 'calming complex' of Passionflower, St Johns Wort, Valerian, Verbena and Wild Yam.
Again, the packaging across the entire LP Skin Therapy range has a sophisticated feel to it with it's purple shading and simple information, I don't feel too bombarded by it. The Lip Rescue Gel is packaged in a lipgloss-style tube with a doe-foot applicator which helps distribute the product evenly across the lips, one slick and you're ready to go.
The 'gel' formula is unfortunately quite sticky when swatched and applied to the lips, thanks to it's thick formulation. The shade has no pigmentation at all, it's completely transparent, making it wearable around the house, on an outing or even at work - I found I got the most out of this during the daytime when applied over my lipsticks to give them a gentle 'sheen'.
What I really enjoy about the product is the scent of orange oil, it isn't particularly citrus strong or overpowering, it's delicate but so soothing. The product is also flavoured with orange oil, when my tongue catches my lips its a welcomed delight, it's really delicious.
Personally I see this as a soothing and pleasurable lip gloss, rather than a 'rescue gel', as I don't feel it benefitted my lips in terms of smoothing them anymore than a standard balm. It does have the added benefit of adding a lovely shine to the lip surface and it's delicious and soothing scent/taste, however. If you're looking for a luxury, transparent lip balm or gloss then this product may be ideal!

LP Skin Therapy 'Lip Rescue Gel' retails for £15 from LP Skin Therapy online, KMI Club and other selected LP Skin Therapy Stockists.
What's In My Handbag is an exclusive online website, showcasing the handbags of women around the world, you can even add your own and tag your favourite products! As a user, you can browse other people's bags and 'tag' products you also own or want, as a shopping list or reminder for later.
A new scheme What's In My Handbag have introduced is 'trys', where WIMH users can trial selected beauty products from featured handbags absolutely free! Each week a different 'try' is released, users fill out a beauty profile and their contact details and await notice if the product has been shipped to them. 
What's In My Handbag have a limited number of samples so choose recipients based on their beauty profile responses; after all you want to be sent a product that's right for you! You can enter the 'try' every week, which is open for one full week for applications, and will be notified in 7 days of closure if you've been successful.
The first 'try' What's In My Handbag ran was for a Paul & Joe Foundation Primer, worth £20! Some trys are full sized and some are sample sized, I was lucky enough to get a full sized offering of the primer to try at home, you can provide feedback about the product on your blog, by tweeting @WIMH_hq or writing on their Facebook wall. I will be posting up a review once I've tested the product thoroughly, so you can read my thoughts.

Even if you aren't successful with the week's try, all applicants receive an exclusive offer from the brand as a 'Thank you' for entering. The Paul & Joe thank you was a free skin consultation and sample in store!

Click here to sign up for the next What's In My Handbag beauty try!
Linda Papadopoulos, a leading psychodermatologist, is proud to introduce her first skincare range! For those who haven't heard of Linda before, she is a leading UK psychologist who has worked in fields of psychodermatology, counselling and medical psychology for fifteen years. As a psychology student and beauty blogger, the news that a skincare line aiming to have physical and psychological benefits existed came as music to my ears. The range of eight products takes a psychological approach to skincare, with particular attention paid to the one thing which can cause our skin to age prematurely - stress.
The 'System Balance Face Wash' (*) is one of the first products in the range, it's a core product that everyone can use. The psychology behind the face wash is simple; a routine is usually a healthy habit, and the calming scent of orange blossom helps to steady your nerves and balance your feelings at the start and end of your day. Wafts of the scent throughout the day should help to keep you feeling calm and refreshed.
The packaging across the entire range is simple, a plain shade of purple adorns the whole range. I really like the packaging, it has a professional, sophisticated feel about it - which sums Linda right up! The face wash has a practical squeeze and dispense mechanism, you only need a very small amount, as you can see below a small amount goes a very long way when water is applied!
The formulation has a gel-like consistency, when water is added it foams on contact with skin, a chickpea sized amount produces a lot of foam so I never use anymore than this amount! I like to wipe this away with my Liz Earle Muslin Cloths in the morning for light exfoliation, and with a flannel in the evening.
When the product begins to foam a very calming and delicious yet delicate scent of orange oil is released, its a very natural and almost botanical scent which lingers on the skin throughout the day without being too overpowering.
Having used the LP Skin Therapy Face Wash for two weeks, morning and evening, my skin is looking more radiant, feels toned straight after use and is soft to the touch. I've also noticed I have a slightly more even complexion. As for the psychological benefits, I don't think the skincare alone has any long term psychological benefits, but it does make for a lovely relaxation routine in my mornings to prepare me for the day, and in the evenings to wind me down.

Personally, I see this product as quite a deluxe face wash, the scent and formula are a pleasure to use and I've actually found myself looking forward to using it each morning when I awake.

LP Skin Therapy Face Wash is available from LP Skin Therapy online KMI Club and other LP Skin Therapy stockists for £15.
Body Scrubs are definitely my favourite part of my skincare routine, up to three times a week I find myself scrubbing my body with exfoliating gloves or exfoliating product to reveal smoother, less scaly skin. Body scrub works wonders for ensuring an even fade of fake tan too, and helps to scrub away any streaks or over-dark areas.
Soap & Glory retail a whole host of body scrubs, there's six in total! I've tried a couple of Soap & Glory body scrubs in the past, but wasn't too impressed by the greasy residue they left behind. I was recommended the 'Sugar Crush' by a friend so picked it up when I passed my local Boots.
The packaging of Soap & Glory products has always remained a novelty to me, I love the vintage, girly and fun feel they have. The scrub is packaged in a large pot, which contains a generous 300ml of product; you simply scoop the product out with your hand and replace the lid after use.
I really like the formulation of this scrub, it's very gritty which means I can feel it working as I rub it over my skin. It contains various levels of particles, including brown sugar and macadamia grains, which leave a wonderfully soft and smooth finish. It's very thick, and at first I found myself using too much product, so I recommend adding a little water to the product in your hand to help it loosen up and go further. I am pleased to say this scrub did not deliver any residue or greasiness after skin, and also had no drying effect, hurrah!
The scent is citrus and sweet, it reminds me of 'lemon ice' ice creams...which are my all time favourite treat! Those who dislike the scent of crushed lemons and limes or anything overpoweringly sweet may wish to steer clear of this product however, as I found (to my delight) that the scent lingers on the skin all day.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush retails for £8 from Soap & Glory stockists, such as Boots. Boots are presently offering 3 for 2 mix and match across body care products, so you can buy two Soap & Glory products and get another free!
Fitness has always been something on the back of my mind; during the exam period I tend to indulge myself in biscuits and snacks to keep myself going, but the result of the unhealthy eating and sitting in the library all day is a sluggish and less than toned physique!
I'm someone who has always enjoyed exercise, whether it be going for a run or trying out different sports with my friends. I've been going to the gym for a couple of years now, but only recently signed up for a summer membership whilst I have some free time on my hands.
I chose to workout at Fitness First because it's a gym I've been using for a few years, I know my way around it well and find the staff really friendly and helpful! The equipment in most gyms nationwide is by 'Life Fitness', who provide top-quality home and commercial fitness machines, they're easy for beginners or experts to work their way around and provide you with all the information you need about your workout.
For those interested in signing up to Fitness First, there's a variety of packages and contracts available to you. You can sign up online, but I recommend going into the gym and having a chat with the staff to get the best deal possible. Once you're signed up, you'll be shown around the gym, provided with a welcome pack, and then the rest is up to you! You may get one or two free personal training sessions with your package, which is especially useful for beginners to discuss what you want to work on and how to go about it.
The aim of my workout is to tone up my figure, lose a couple of pounds and improve my fitness. To do this, my routine includes a mix of cardio and weights - I change up my routine every other day to make sure I'm over-working on the same muscle groups and to keep it interesting.

I have two routines which I alternate every day. As I've trained in the gym before, I work on a high intensity routine, burning between 1,000 and 1,500 calories in a two hour session. Always remember to warm up before you begin working out, a team member can show you how to warm up effectively.
Those who don't regularly exercise or are first timers at the gym may benefit from a much lighter and easier going workout routine to begin with, just to ensure you don't over work your muscles or injure yourself!
When I first began working out I started on a very basic routine and built it up, this way my body didn't immediately become used to high intensity training and I saw the benefits much quicker.
I try to divide my time depending on the areas I would like to tone, for me my 'focus areas' are my thighs, stomach and arms. Interval training is really useful for burning fat and improving physique, small bursts of exercise prove to be much more effective than continuous exercise alone. I have always noticed I get the best results and 'feel the burn' more if I do interval training compared to standard running or walking alone. I also tend to use inclines on the treadmill to tone the back of my calves.
'Mat Work' refers to sit ups, push ups and other stomach toning exercises; I try to do these exercises with a 4kg or 5kg medicine ball. If you're going to use weights on the mats I recommend getting some correct guidance from a staff member first, to ensure you're doing it right and don't pull your muscles too hard.
When possible, I try to walk or jog to and from the gym too to help myself get motivated on my way and warm-down on the way back.
My gym also offers a whole host of classes, from Body-Attack to Spin to Yoga. I tend to take two or three classes a week, usually Yoga and Pilates. These are a part of my membership and help me to de-stress and wind down. I really recommend going to a class or two to get to know other members at the gym too!

Water: I can't stress how important it is to stay hydrated during your workout! I tend to drink up to three bottles of water during my workout to keep myself cool and refresh my throat, working out is hard work and water is my saviour! It helps to replenish your body during workout and also keep you cool.

iPod: Or any other musical device! Gyms tend to play music anyway, but I find having my own music helps me keep my focus and motivation. I enjoy listening to upbeat tunes to keep myself going, especially while running! I always find listening to music improves my mood too, if I forget my iPod I find my workout is less successful by about a third, which is a huge difference!

Towel: Fitness First provide new members with a welcome pack which includes a small towel. I tend to place this over the top of machines to hide how long I've been working out for and how many calories I've burnt. I find this stops me focussing on how long I have left to workout and puts my focus on working out correctly, such as maintaing a correct posture, time flies by when I can't see it and no sooner do I know it I've finished 30 minutes of cardio! The towel is also great for wiping away any sweaty bits during your routine, or for placing under your back when you do sit ups for extra comfort.

Deodorant: Keep yourself fresh after working out, if you're doing it right, you'll need it!

One of the biggest worries about the gym is 'fitting in' and 'what to wear'. When I first started at the gym I felt that everybody would be looking at the 'new girl' and judging me completely, I soon realised that in fact gym-goers are so focused on their routine they don't have time to be worrying about everyone else!
I tend to wear fitness leggings, a spaghetti strap top or t-shirt, trainer socks and sturdy trainers. My trainers are from Dior, I was treated to them a couple of years ago and they're still going strong, they have quite a flat base so I've decided to invest in a new pair of trainers soon. During the colder months I put on a hooded top straight after my workout to keep my muscles warm.
I always tie back my hair and clip my fringe off my face and remove all jewellery before working out, whispy hairs or a dangling necklace tend to get in my way whilst I work out and then I lose concentration.

For a free pass to any Fitness First gym for a day, click here! There are plenty of gyms available across the country, before dedicating myself to one gym I explored many local gyms to review my options and find the best package for me.
Manuka Doctor are a brand I recently introduced on my blog; to recap, all Manuka Doctor products contain powerful, natural ingredients which are completely bee-friendly, the venom is collected then the bee is released! Bee venom/Manuka Honey is believed to have antibacterial and skin healing properties, proving a favourite of both Kate Middleton and Millie Mackintosh.
Manuka Doctor run four key ranges: ApiClear, ApiNourish, ApiRevive and ApiWellness, each targeting specific skin complaints and problems with tailored products. 'Api' means bee, making the focus of Manuka Doctor products on holistic bee therapy. The Bee Venom Rejuvenating Face Mask (*) comes under the ApiNourish range of products, offering moisturisation and cell rejuvenation.
The Rejuvenating Face Mask is packaged in a frosted glass jar which is sealed for freshness, placed inside a card box box (remember to recycle!). The box has all the information you need regarding application and removal, as well as expected results from using the mask. It is suggested the mask is applied for 15-30 minutes depending on skin type, I have combination skin so happily leave the mask on for the full 30 minutes.
In the jar the mask looks very thick and almost emulsive, I was slightly taken back that the pot is so small, and with just 50ml of product thats almost £1 per ml! However, as I smoothed the formula across my skin I realised less is more with this mask, apply very sparingly (i.e.: a thin, even layer as I have done above) across the skin and the formula will transform into a creamy and pliable texture.
I wouldn't say the mask has a strong or distinctive smell, it smells gently of honey but I also feel it has medicinal undertones to it. It tingles slightly on application, I like to think of this phase as it 'working', in a few minutes the light tingling sensation disappears and the mask begins to firm against the skin. It isn't a wet or a dry mask, as it contains moisturisers I found it sunk into the skin a little.
I've been using this mask once-weekly for six weeks alongside three other Manuka Doctor products, and noticed it has indeed helped significantly reduce old acne scarring and any dark areas on my skin. Straight after using the mask my skin looks really good, it's radiant and almost looks renewed, not to mention how unbelievably soft to the touch and oil-free it feels! I'd say I'm only a third of the way through the jar, so although it's quite pricey it does last a good while.

As a person who is obsessed with face masks (I use at least two a week religiously, and my collection is ever-growing!) then I say the investment is worthwhile; I just wish my student budget could cover the costs because I'd certainly purchase the mask myself.

Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask retails for £49.99/50ml from official Manuka Doctor stockist Holland & Barret online and in store.
The Liz Earle 'Colour' range came highly anticipated this year, and on its release proved to be a sell-out! With 20 years if experience in the industry under her belt, Liz Earle has created a capsule range of makeup essentials which aim to be flattering, natural and easy to use.
To make selecting the makeup even easier, a 'Shade Selctor' swatching all shades across the whole range is being popped into every Liz Earle order at the minute. Look out for yours if you've made an order recently, I find it really useful for choosing shades to match my skin tone perfectly!
The Perfect Fix Concealer is part of the Liz Earle 'Face' Makeup range, available in seven shades, claiming to 'disguise blemishes, minor skin imperfections and dark circles'.
Perfect Fix concealer is packaged in a navy blue box (classic across the entire Liz Earle Colour range), in which you will find a twist-mechanism silver stick. I noticed the silver packaging does scratch easily, but other than this my feelings remain indifferent to it. The packaging means you can apply the concealer straight to the problem area, or swirl a brush across the flat-top then apply to the area. I apply this with a brush to blemishes and imperfections mostly for hygiene reasons, but happily use the stick under my eyes.
'Fair' runs quite beige in it's pigmentation, which suits my olive-ish skin tone quite well, especially when blended. The formula is really creamy and melts onto the skin, while I blend it in I notice it becomes quite powdery and finely blends to my skin.
I'd say the Perfect Fix Concealer gives medium coverage, it's good pigmentation means it gives quite a natural looking finish, but for this reason it didn't cover deeper scars of blemishes so well and took a lot of blending and layering to get a good finish. My favourite use for this concealer is under my eyes, it brightens them up and banishes redness and dark circles in an instant! Another thing to note is this concealer sits in lines a little if it isn't blended well.

Liz Earle Perfect Fix Concealer is available in 7 shades ranging from Extra Fair to Deep from Liz Earle stores, online and in selected John Lewis concessions.
The Liz Earle Foot Spritzer (*) has been lurking in my beauty box for a while, I've been waiting for the ideal time to use it...and the past few days have been just that! I mentioned a few weeks ago that in the lead up to summer I desperately race to get my feet looking summer ready, having neglected them through the winter. I like to see this product as a 'maintenance' foot care product, but also as a literal foot saviour in the sweltering heat!
The packaging is a classic duck egg blue shade with a handy push-spritz mechanism which releases a fine burst of product. The generous 75ml of product is cased in tubular packaging, making it easy to slip into your beach bag on the go too.
The formulation was hard to picture as it sprays so fine, meaning it applies 'wet' to the skin but sinks in within seconds.
I've been spritzing the Liz Earle Foot Spritzer on my feet whenever they feel a bit hot and bothered, it cools them instantly and feels really refreshing. When I take it to the beach it's my foot saviour, the sand makes my feet feel rough, a feeling I personally can't stand, three or four spritzes across my feet and ankles and my feet feel soft and touchable again, marvellous!
The spritzer is scented with menthol, peppermint, rosemary essential oil and aloe vera, which makes for a refreshing and soothing scent that makes it even more pleasant to apply! I find the scent very relaxing too, especially in this heat.

The Liz Earle Foot Spritzer retails for £7.75 from Liz Earle online, in store and at selected John Lewis concessions.
Last week I was walking down the road wearing a duffel coat, gloves and a scarf (yes really), this week I'm wearing a bikini as I laze on the beach; only in Britain ladies and gents. In a matter of days the British weather has transformed from dull and dreary to bright and beautiful!
Keeping my skin moisturised during hotter weather is essential for me, I don't want my skin to be peeling after a dose of sunshine and I find sun creams and heat can dry out my skin - leaving it feeling less than touchable. To maintain soft skin throughout the hotter weather I have a whole host of moisturisers and body creams to suit my needs. Around summer time my priorities change from deep moisturisation to fresh scents and something light on the skin.
I've chosen all three moisturisers from The Body Shop because the wide range of scents and formulas available means there's something to suit everyone's tastes. These are my top three favourites.

The Coconut Milk Body Lotion has a spray mechanism so you can spritz the silky formula over your skin then gently massage in, the formula is very thin and fluid so it sinks in in an instant. Coconut is one of my favourite summer scents, it's tropical and fragrant without smelling artificial. The scent lingers on the skin all day.
I love taking this to the beach with me and giving myself a quick spritz whenever I'm feeling a little dry, it's a quick, no fuss application method which I love.
I recommend this for those who want a quick burst of softness without any oily or greasy feeling left behind. The formula is ideal for normal or dry skin types, it's the most lightweight of the three and leaves a gorgeous scent of coconut.

Coconut Milk Body Lotion is available from The Body Shop in store and online for £8/250ml.

I do find body butters a little hit and miss, they have quite a heavy formulation in the pot and take a bit of work to apply. I warm my body butters up between my hands before applying them to soften the formula and ease application. What I like about body butters is after using them my skin feels instantly smoothed but also firmer.
The Body Shop Almond Body Butter has a scent I can't resist, it's super sweet but delicate, whenever I wear it I always get compliments on how great I smell! This is a choice more based mostly on smell, but I do feel the butter moisturises deep into my skin, particularly leaving my legs feeling really soft, giving me the confidence to get them out!
If almond isn't your thing, the Body Shop Body Butters are available in a huge range of scents, Lemon and Grapefruit scents are two more of my favourites for summer time.

Almond Body Butter is available in some Body Shop stores for just £5!

The puree style formula of this lotion really quenches the thirst of skin in the heat, as you smooth it in it has an instant cooling effect too. When I use this lotion I feel like my skin is supple and soft, an effect which lasts all day.
I'd say Satsuma is my favourite summer scent, I team this with the Satsuma Body Scrub and Body Wash for a blast of deliciousness that lasts all day. Citrus scents are right up my street around summer, I feel so juicy when I wear them!

Satsuma Body Puree prices at £8/250ml from Body Shop stores and online.

What are your top picks for summer moisturisers?
Carmex tubes are one of the most popular Carmex products, they're a more recent addition to the Carmex range and offer long lasting moisturisation on-the-go in an easy to apply tube. Available in four flavours in a range of high street and online stores, Carmex are both available and accessible to all!
The Carmex Moisturising Lip Balms are packaged in the classic canary yellow coloured casing. The tube is practical and more hygienic than a jar, simply squeeze gently to release the balm and smooth against the lips. The tubes are small enough to pop in your handbag or even a clutch, but remain big enough to be filled with a generous 10g of product.
The balm formula has a slippery texture, it feels quite like a gel as it smoothes across the lips and gives a very glossy finish. The formula tends to sit on the lips rather than sinking in, so I don't feel it moisturises my lips as much as the other products I've tried. I have very dry lips at the moment, as you can see, and this balm failed to banish any dryness or rough skin to a noticeable degree once applied and worn. The results are most noticeable when compared to the swatched results of my other Carmex posts.
The balm lasted on my lips a good three or four hours, but once it had disappeared my lips were only slightly softer.
So I was left wondering what use this balm holds to me? What I do like is how the fresh and cooling minty scent freshens breath gently without the need to chew gum, which I never find to be so attractive! It's also great over drying lipsticks as it softens them a little and stops your lips from drying too much during wear.

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balms are available in Original, Cherry, Mint and Strawberry for around £2.69 from Carmex stockists such as Boots and ASOS.
A few months back I introduced the Naked Skincare Cleanser, and gave it a whopping 9.5/10! Recently I've been putting a few of Naked's haircare products to the test to see if they live up to the high standards set by the skincare range. We all know by now that I suffer from very limp, flat and lifeless hair; mousse is one of my favourite products to boost my roots with volume without reaching for the damaging backcombing brush. The Naked 'More Volume' mousse (*) comes as a high street alternative to pricier salon brands, aiming to build body at the root and give extra volume when blow dried.
Naked products dont contain any parabens, SLS or petrochemicals, making the products 97% natural and even suitable for vegetarians! The remaining 3% goes to preventing the product from going 'off' and emulsifying ingredients, essentially they're the only non-natural ingredients deemed necessary for the practicality of the product.

PRICE: £3.99/150ml

CLAIMS: 'Do it Naked style - our silicone-free formulations allow product junkies the freedom to style hair without synthetic product build up, which can damage the hair causing weakness and loss of natural sheen. A bit like a personal trainer for hair - this mousse helps give you the body you've always dreamed of, keeping your hair full of bounce without stiffness' - Naked online

AVAILABILITY: Naked Bodycare retailers such as Boots, Keep Me Inspired and the Naked Bodycare website.

PRODUCT: Naked skincare, haircare an body care products all follow a similar looking packaging pattern; it has a natural and Earthy feel to it and is usually either made from recyclable material or from material which has been recycled. The pump-action mechanism dispenses just the right amount of product, though I did notice it tends to squeak with every press (just an odd observation there).
The mousse pumps as a 'foam', when rubbed it transforms into a mousse as air is distributed amongst the formulation. I did find one pump to be more than ample for my hair, if I use anymore than one I find the foam sticks to my hair and fails to dry, leaving my hair looking very greasy indeed! One pump however is fine and distributes through the hair well, you do have to rub it in quite a lot though and comb through it to get an even distribution.
When naturally dried the hair does has some noticeable texture and lift, but nothing particularly incredible. I found this product comes into it's own when it is blow dried, as instructed for best results. When I blow dry my hair from root to end with a wide barrel brush the volume and lift my hair has is astounding;  my hair doesn't feel heavy or weighed down after using it and there isn't a crispy or sticky finish either, just smooth lovely locks. What's impressive is the volume doesn't fall flat immediately either, a fix of hairspray and you're away, lift and volume which lasts at least 6/7 hours! I've been reaching for this mousse over my Schwarzkopf Got2B mousse, I'd even go so far to say I'll be picking this up when I run out instead!
The product has a 'natural' scent to it, as no artificial perfumes are used in any 'Naked' products, personally I would describe it as a grassy scent which isn't to my tastes, but luckily the scent doesn't linger too long.

RATING: 8/10 - another brilliant product from Naked! Considering the price the results are fantastic, it's just a shame that too much can cause overly greasy hair, so be aware of using only one pump if you have a greasy hair type.

Get 35% off Naked Hair Products online at Naked Bodycare here with code TRY35 applied at checkout!
'Hot Chocolate' is part of a four-piece range of 'self heating' face masks from Montagne Jeunesse; when applied and smoothed across the skin with fingers an active ingredient 'heats up' and gives a warming sensation.
If you're a regular reader I'm sure you know your way around the Montagne Jeunesse packaging by now, the pouches are simple and practical with a tear across opening mechanism. The back of the packaging states instructions for use in a clear and concise method, whilst remaining fun and colourful.
The formula of the Hot Chocolate face mask has its pros and cons. Cons are that the formula is very runny so takes care and effort to apply, and that it dyes everything it comes into contact with dark brown (you've been warned!).
There are however plenty of pros. First off, I love how the product looks, feels and smells exactly like rich, good quality melted chocolate; chocolate lovers take note! The warming sensation is gentle and not overly noticeable or uncomfortable at all, if you want the heat to stop simply don't touch or blow against the face mask and it will remain luke warm on the skin. The scent isn't overpowering at all, it smells like melted chocolate orange.
This mask isn't a drying mask so remains 'wet' on the skin, unless you apply a very, very thin layer! After using the mask I noticed my skin was looking brighter, smoother and a lot less oily. I can't say there was a huge change to the size of my pores straight after use however.

'Hot Chocolate' Self Heating Mask is a fun treat in my skin care routine, it has good results and is fun to wear and apply. I'd say its a perfect addition to a girly night in, and ideal for the chocoholics out there.

Montagne Jeunesse 'Hot Chocolate' is available from selected Montagne Jeunesse stockists such as Boots, Superdrug or Montagne Jeunesse online for around £1.09. I picked mine up in Wilkinson for £1.00, bargain!
Barry M recently added a number of new editions to their ever expanding high street cosmetics line, with shades fresh for Spring/Summer 2012. Shade #154 is another new addition to the Lip Paints range, and has been making a clear appearance across the beauty community - I couldn't resist picking it up on a trip to my local Boots.
Barry M 'Lip Paints' (lipsticks...essentially) are packaged in sturdy, matte black packaging which twists up to revel the bullet. I do find with all my Barry M lipsticks that if the product gets warmed slightly it slips in the barrel and ends up dragging against the twist mechanism, which can be a little annoying!
'Pale Nude' shade #154 is a peachy nude, it's a warm shade but I feel this possibly depends on your skin tone? I have olive skin so it leans quite warm on me, needless to say its wearable from daytime to evening.
Formula-wise I have never been a big fan of Barry M Lip Paint formulas, I find they last up to two hours but transfer easily and tend to dry my lips even if I apply lip balm. I find if I warm the bullet slightly before applying it has a smoother application which is less drying. For a high street formula with such a vast shade range I can't really complain too much, but it's worth noting!

Barry M Lip Paints retail for around £4.49 from Barry M stockists such as Superdrug, I picked mine up in Boots.
Back when I worked in a Boots Pharmacy, one of the best selling over-the-counter eye care products was the Murine Bright & Moist Eye Drops. Murine retail a range of eye drops across pharmacies in the UK for dry, tired and red eyes - the Bright & Moist Eyes (*) formula contains two moisturisers and brighteners to gently whiten and moisten the eye, ideal for dull or dry eyes.
Murine eye drops are packaged in a simple cardboard box and an easy squeeze pump, it's design is both practical and user friendly, releasing one drop at a time with a gentle squeeze of your fingers. I wouldn't say the design is attractive or fun but it's completely practical and sensical to the product itself, it has a slight medicinal feel to it which fits in well with its distributors. Certainly don't be put off by the packaging in this case!
The drop itself has a 'liquid gel' formula, it isn't at all thick but has a thicker consistency than your regular eye drop, making it easier to apply and keep in once applied.
I usually find applying eye drops a nightmare, I blink my eye a thousand times and the drop never ends up in my eye! Thanks to the slightly thicker formula the drop didn't seep out of my eye or cause any uncomfortableness; I'd describe the feeling of the drop in the eye as immediately moisturising and cooling.
You can see the results of the drops in my eye above, these pictures have not been edited and were taken in the most well lit area of my house. Before applying the drop my eye is slightly dulled with a few thread veins, I find my eyes are driest when I wake up in the morning so this is when I apply the drops. Whilst the drops are applied my eyes felt slightly blurry for about 30 seconds, this is totally normal so don't panic! A few seconds later and my eyes appear much brighter and so moisturised, they didn't feel dry or sore at all.
The bright effects lasted about three hours, but my eyes remained feeling extra moisturised until the evening, you can top up the drops up to three times in a day too.
These drops may be ideal for you if you suffer from dry or dull eyes, or want an instant boost of brightness on those special occasions.

Murine Bright & Moist Eyes is available from Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose and Lloyd's Pharmacies for £4.49.
The nail crackle trend has been at the forefront of nail trends for the past few months, with many nail brands releasing their own nail crackles in a range of colours and styles. Ciaté have followed the trend with an eclectic range available in black (*), white and silver for 'textured nails'.
The packaging of Ciaté polishes is curved in shape, feminine and finished with a gorgeous girly bow! I did find the bow got slightly in the way during application though.
You can see here how thick the formula of the polish is. I'm usually put off by thick formulas but despite how thick it is it takes under a minute to dry and doesn't give an uneven finish.
The brush is wide which is practical to the polish as you can cover the entire nail in one sweep. I found if I used two strokes of the brush overlapping, the polish didn't crackle so well and dragged about the nail, so be aware to do one stroke only.
Worn over MAC Midsummer's Dream
Personally I really like the finish the Colour Smash gives, the polish applies as a smooth black layer and then crackles right in front of your eyes! I can't say its too different to any other crackles I've seen on the market, it gives the nails a textured look with a matte finish.
I found the crackle wore a good 5 or 6 days before it began to chip, and didn't experience any tip wear.

Ciaté Colour Smash Polishes retail for £9 each from Ciaté stockists and Ciaté online.
The Montagne Jeunesse 'Fabric Tonic Masks' are five minute fabric face masks available in Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and Dead Sea. Each mask has a different purpose, the Tea Tree fabric mask aims to stimulate the skin to energise and revive whilst cleansing the pores. 
The packaging is fun and exciting, whilst remaining practical to the product. Simply pull the tab at the top of the packet to open up the face mask. Clear instructions on the back of the packaging tell you how to use the mask, the massage stage is quite important to these masks as it helps the tonic which is left on the skin sink in and leaves a lovely smooth finish.
Unfortunately the design of the fabric strip itself isn't practical at all, it was far too big for my face and trying to trim it was a nightmare because the liquid kept seeping everywhere. The fabric is over-saturated with tonic so kept slipping down my face and falling off, keeping it on in the same place for ten minutes was a battle!
The product has a gentle tea tree scent, I find some tea tree scents to be too overpowering and burn my eyes but this was fine; a fresh but light minty scent is left behind which is pleasing. The tea tree did tingle on my skin a little but not uncomfortably so.
After removing the mask and massaging my skin it felt soft and toned, my pores looked no different unfortunately but any oils previously on my skin had been banished. My skin remained smooth and oil free until the next morning which really impressed me! I'm pleased with the results considering the price of the mask, but I won't be purchasing it again as the fabric strip itself and application is a nightmare.

Montagne Jeunesse Tea Tree Face Spa is available from Montagne Jeunesse online and from Montagne Jeunesse stockists, I picked mine up in Wilkinson for £1.
Since discovering the freshly launched French skin care brand 'Etat Pur' in the UK I've been using the Micellar Cleansing Water and Physiological Toning Lotion every day without fail. Etat Pur products have become a fundamental part of my daily skincare routine thanks to their gentle yet effective formulas.
Etat Pur now offer a service where you can view a 'prescription' of products Etat Pur recommend based on your skin type, skin complaints and daily needs. It's a simple way of finding the products right for you without trawling through pages of products.
Simply fill out the online form and Etat Pur do the rest of the work - in seconds you can browse the range of Pure Actives and Biomimetic Skincare personalised to your responses and mix and match the products you want, you don't have to buy the complete selection either.

I filled out the quick, simple and non-invasive form in about a minute; for reference these were my selections:
The results were generated tailored to my specific needs and produced a selection of 13 products which I can mix and match to form my ideal skincare package. The amount of products and product type depends on your selections on the form, so your solution results may be completely different to mine.
My tailored selections from the results are: Micellar Cleansing Water, Oil-Free Quenching Fluid, Radiant Complexion Care, Light Moisturising Emulsion, Melting Exfoliating Gel, Salicylic Acid 70 and Citric Acid AHA.
Having combination skin means the surface of my skin can be oily, dry, or both. From the 13 products suggested for me, I could choose products to fit into my lifestyle and requirements, I targeted the areas I feel are lacking in my skincare routine.
The Micellar Cleansing Water enables me to remove my makeup quickly and easily, it's a favourite product of mine and I've already used up two bottles! There's an oil-free version too which was also suggested for me, but I'm happy with the regular cleansing water so stuck with what I know works for me.
I'm quite lacking on skin moisturisers, so the Oil-Free Quenching Fluid or Light Moisturising Emulsion will moisturise my skin and give me a choice depending if it is feeling oily or dry. The Radiant Complexion Care is a tinted moisturiser, ideal to use on my skin under my foundation or alone to moisturise my skin and mask dullness, this really is a tint with a difference as it instantly brightens up my skin.
Exfoliators help to buff away dead skin cells on the surface, I exfoliate my skin up to three times a week to ensure any scaliness is removed. The Melting Exfoliating Gel also removes any oiliness on the skin, which is ideal for my combo of dry and/or oily skin!
The Pure Active products target specific skin complaints with highly concentrated formulas, the three suggested for me were Salicylic Acid for blackheads, Aloe Vera for dry skin and Citric Acid for dull skin; I chose the Salicylic Acid and Citric Acid as moisturisers should help with my dryness alone. The Pure Actives are applied in a thin layer to the skin or affected area, I like to apply mine at night very last in my routine.

Etat Pur are offering one lucky reader the chance to win their very own personalised solution kit tailored to their skincare needs! To be in with a chance of winning:

> 'Like' Etat Pur on Facebook or Follow Etat Pur on Twitter
> Fill out the prescription form here
> Let me know in a comment your favourite recommended product along with your email

This giveaway is worth up to £75 so don't miss out! It is open to European entrants from May 14th - May 27th, when a winner will be selected at random and contacted in due course. Please obtain permission from a parent or guardian if you are under 16 years. The prize will be sent directly from Etat Pur who can change the details of the giveaway at any given time without notice.

Best of luck to all entrants!
If you saw my Twitter over the weekend you will have seen that I picked up 'Mint Candy Apple' in my local Boots, and since that moment I haven't stopped raving about the colour! I've been on the hunt for more pastel shades since I became obsessed with them a month or so ago, and when my eyes clapped the Essie stand I was drawn straight to Mint Candy Apple.
Essie polishes are packaged in sturdy, clear glass bottles. The lines now available in stores have had a revamp of packaging, the brush is now wider for much better application! I am so glad about this as I find skinny brushes make getting an even and smooth finish harder work.
'Mint Candy Apple' is described as a 'creme de menthe mint', the formulation is DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free which makes it much less damaging to nails than some other formulas out there!
The shade is a gorgeous creamy mint, it's bright on the nails and very wearable, particularly in the spring and summer months. Unfortunately the formula didn't impress me so much, pictured here are three coats and the finish is a little streaky, thick and lacks a smooth or glossy finish. Having worn this on my nails for two days I'm already experiencing minor tip wear, but it's good to note that I do washing up by hand which never helps!

Essie Mint Candy Apple is available from Boots in selected stores and online, as well as ASOS. Prices vary, I picked mine up in Boots for £7.99.
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