A couple of days ago I mentioned N-Spa and their 'Fruit Extracts' range which includes bubble baths, body wash, body butters and body sprays - available exclusively at ASDA for use at home.
N-Spa recently revamped the packaging of their products to be brighter and feature the fruity sensations held within - the Body Butters are packaged inside easy to use twist-off lid pots. The design of the packaging is fun and bright, meaning not only are the products great for personal use but they're great as a small token or gift too!
Straight away I have to say this body butter is incredibly good, price considering. It has a really creamy texture that isn't so thick that it doesn't sink into the skin but isn't so light that it offers little benefit. Of course it isn't the most moisturising and nourishing Body Butter out there but it leaves the skin feeling so silky smooth for up to two days after just one use, it's one of the softest outcomes I've had from a body butter alone!
The Raspberry scent is very pleasing, not too sweet but light, delicate and fruity. If you like a fruity berry scent then the Raspberry N-Spa range is certainly one to take a look at.

N-Spa Fresh Sweet Raspberry Rich Body Butter retails for £3 from ASDA, right now it is included in an introductory offer of any 2 products for £4!
Nail art is something I really enjoy, it's an exciting challenge for anyone who enjoys painting their nails and a welcomed tool for creating beautiful designs is a Nail Art Pen. I use nail art pens to create flicks, lines, dots and for animal print patterns. When starting out I found the key or core colours for basic nail art are black and white, once you feel confident with these colours you can begin to add in a beautiful range of colours to your designs.
Rio Beauty, an online beauty website who fuse professional beauty and in-salon technology with at-home kits, products and machines, retail a great range of Nail Art Kits and guides for those starting out or getting more creative. 
The 'Original' Professional Nail Art Kit is packaged with everything someone starting out in nail art may need. Inside the box you will find instruction and suggestion guides, a DVD, brush, small pot of decorative glitter, rhinestones, and eight nail colours in core and widely used colours.
The pens feature a twist-cap lid to reveal the skinny brush and a pull-cap lid at the very end to reveal the dotting tool. To function the dotting tool hold the tip at the nail then squeeze the bottle gentle to release product through the nib.
Each Nail Art Pen colour varies in pigmentation, some are better than others but you can easily build a couple of layers to get the desired strength of hue. Black and White are always great shades to have in a Nail Art Pen collection, while yellows and greens are ideal for finishing off floral designs. There are many uses for all the shades, I'll be sharing some of my creations using a selection of the shades in the up-and-coming weeks to really demonstrate their full potential.
The accessories in the kit come as an added (and welcomed) bonus, helping you to experiment even further with nail art. You can use the inclusive brush to tidy the edges of your nails or dipped directly into the nail art pen pot and painted onto the nail in this way. The rhinestones are easily applied to a small dot of polish, I find they only last a day so I apply a dab of nail glue to increase their longevity. The glitter is a wonderful addition, sprinkle it over wet polish for an accent nail or experiment applying it to particular areas of your nail art design by applying it with the inclusive brush.

This is an absolutely fantastic kit for those either starting out with nail art thanks to its step-by-step guides and inclusive products but it's also fantastic for those looking to build or start a nail art collection. It would make a fantastic gift for a nail art addict too!

Rio Beauty 'Original' Professional Nail Art Pens retail for £24.99* from Rio Beauty online.
Roger & Gallet believe in 'Well-Being through perfume' and retail a range of beautifully and carefully designed perfumes and bodycare products which harness natural essences and oils to compliment your mood and lifestyle.
One of the latest additions to the Roger & Gallet range of perfumes is the 'Rose Imaginaire' Eau Fraîche Parfumée (Fresh Fragrant Water), inspired by nature and three of the most exquisite gardens around the globe - Nile Valley Gardens, Timore Sea Gardens and Sicilian Gardens. Each garden inspired the creation of the perfume in terms of their available essences, to make for a uniquely blended sweet, delicate and bewitching scent.
'Rose Imaginaire' is packaged inside a bright blush rose box with a contemporary feel, inside you will find a sturdy glass bottle with a classic push-disperse mechanism and a pull off lid. The packaging is most ideal for a gift, it's quite timeless whilst remaining pleasing for a broad range of ages.
From 'Rose Imaginaire' I had expected a potent rose-water scent, instead I discovered head notes of strawberry and mandarin, heart notes of jasmine and violet, and base notes of patchouli and sandalwood. This wonderful and worldly cocktail of scents creates a mildly potent floral scent with brief wisps of rose, if you enjoy floral scents this is certainly a fragrance to explore.

Roger & Gallet 'Rose Imaginaire' Fresh Fragrant Water retails for £34* exclusively at Marks & Spencers stores nationwide.
N-Spa, one of the UK's leading Day Spas, retail a range of skin and body care products exclusively at ASDA for use at home. Although N-Spa retail their own Spa range, they also have a fun range of fruity scents for every day use called 'Fruit Extracts' which includes bubble baths, body wash, body butters and body sprays.
N-Spa products always capture my attention on the shelves in ASDA as I do my weekly shop thanks to their fun and bright packaging; they've recently had a repackage which is even more attractive and easier to use. The Shower Scrubs are packaged in easy squeeze tubes with a flip-cap lid, available in Mint, Coconut and Raspberry scents.
This scrub is targeted as a daily scrub, it's gentle enough to be used every day thanks to its creamy formula which lathers well on contact with water on skin whilst providing gentle buffing action with small gritty particles and real fruit extracts - in the Fresh Sweet Raspberry range's case these would be raspberry seeds.
I like using this scrub every 2-3 days to help the cell-turnover of my skin and get a really smooth surface. It's not the most abrasive of scrubs but I don't always need something so heavy duty, it's lovely as an everyday or regular scrub and shower gel in one.
'Fresh Sweet Raspberry' has a wonderfully fruity, berry scent which captures the element of tartness which raspberries hold. It's a very gentle scent which is released as you smooth it over the skin and fills your bathroom or shower room with fruity deliciousness! The scent doesn't linger on the skin too long, unfortunately, so I double it up with the Body Butter.

N-Spa Fruit Extracts 'Fresh Sweet Raspberry' Daily Refresh Shower Scrub retails for £3 from ASDA stores, buy it now on an introductory offer at any 2 for £4.

How To 'Fake' A Hair Bow

26 September 2012
A couple of months ago when I posted my Hair Bow Tutorial a lot of you said as much as you loved the bow style it looked a little too time consuming to create or you didn't have the right length of hair to try it. There is one other method for creating a Hair Bow which rules out the need to have long hair or time - a Synthetic Clip-In Hair Bow.
Beauty Works retail a large range of hair extensions and hair accessories, a part of their Clip-In Hair Accessories range are the 'Clip In Bows' available in a range of colours including Chocolate, Blonde, Raven, Cherry, Ebony, Black and a selection of highlighted shades too.
The Beauty Works Hair Bows arrive in a net bag; I think this is a great idea for storing the bow and keeping it in its optimal condition. Inside there is a nicely woven synthetic hair bow with a clip at the back, simply tie your hair in a bun, ponytail or clip it up and slide in the bow with the clips facing into the hair...and you're done!
The quality of the synthetic hair is good condition, perhaps a little wispy in some places but these bits can be trimmed easily. I do find the centre of the bow could have a little more hair as sometimes it shows the join, if this happens I just wrap a piece of my own hair around the centre or reposition the bow.

This Large Statement Bow retails for £9.99* from BeautyWorks online and at these stockists.
Instant tan is something I tend to shy away from for a couple of reasons: not only do I find it tends to rub off onto clothes more so than developed tan but I also hate how as soon as it gets slightly damp or wet it rinses off (ever been caught in the rain wearing instant tan and ended up looking a little like a tiger? Guilty). However, at times where I do need an instant tan my favourite product to turn to is the Fake Bake Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion.
FakeBake Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion is packaged inside an attractive pink box, inside you will find an instruction leaflet, pair of gloves and of course a tube of instant tan with a pull-cap and squeeze dispense mechanism. The design of the packaging makes the product really easy to use, although I discard of the inclusive latex gloves and apply the product with a mitt instead as I find the gloves give very uneven coverage.
The lotion formula smoothes over the skin like a dream, it isn't too cold and provides a completely even finish if applied with a mitt, a streak-free formula is really important for a natural looking tan so this formula ticks the box. I like to work in sections from my feet upwards, applying a pea sized amount of tan to the mitt and working in a small area before moving on. There is no developing time, you will have an instant colour, and you needn't wait for the product to dry as it dries as you apply it.
Fake Bake tan has a green undertone meaning it produces a deep brown hue with olive undertones on the skin. Be absolutely aware that the Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion is not for the 'feint hearted' when it comes to tanning, it is dark - very dark - verging on perhaps mahogany; the final colour is natural but as I say dark so I recommend only one full application. Usually I steer clear of shimmer formulas as I find them to be less natural than matte formulas but in this case I always reach for the shimmer formula, it's really complimentary to tanned skin because the shimmer is so gentle, it's barely noticeable but very complimentary.
Each application will last as long as until your next shower or bath, where the tan will rinse away completely easily with a little soap or body scrub applied to help remove it entirely. I enjoy this tan so much because I find it doesn't tend to run or fade as much as other instant tanners in situations where it may became damp or wet before I remove it properly.

FakeBake Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion has an RRP of £12 from ASOS and other FakeBake stockists, I purchase it for £8.60 at LookFantastic.com.
From the OPI South-American collection is 'Señorita Rose-Alita', it became the best selling shade from the entire collection so now it's become a part of the permanent OPI Classics range! I absolutely love this shade so I'm so pleased to see it's a part of a more permanent collection - it's quite unique and really glamorous.
OPI nail polishes are packaged inside recognisable and classic OPI deep glass bottles with a matte black twist off lid.
OPI brushes seem to vary in size and quality depending on the date of the product and collection; Senorita Rose-Alita has a brilliant quality brush which provides streak-free application.
'Señorita Rose-Alita' is a raspberry pink hue with a rose-gold shimmer when it catches the light, it's beautiful worn on both the fingers and toes. In just two applications which take around three minutes to dry per coat you will have totally opaque colour which lasts for around three or four days and even further with a good top coat.

OPI 'Señorita Rose-Alita' retails for £11 from Beauty Bay or any OPI stockists at varying prices.

My Favourite Room Sprays

23 September 2012
All year round I enjoy keeping the rooms in my house smelling clean and fresh with room sprays. Room sprays are a little different to 'Air Fresheners' which just mask smells in rooms; Room Sprays add a hint of scent to the air in the room without the aim to mask other smells, they're more to refresh the air.
I enjoy using room sprays so much because I find they create such a relaxing atmosphere to come home to and a welcoming atmosphere for guests. These are my four favourite room sprays for regular use:

I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop Mandarin-scented range so when I saw one of their room sprays featuring the fruity fragrance I had to snap it up. Mandarin & Tangelo has a citrus scent of mandarins and oranges which strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour, it has a tangy undertone and a really refreshing scent. I personally only use this as a room spray, I don't find it an appropriate scent for my body as it produces a very potent scent. A few spritzes in my room is all it takes for a good six or seven hours of divine and subtle fragrance which really reminds me of summer sun.

The Body Shop Mandarin & Body, Room and Linen Spray retails for £6 from The Body Shop stores.

Sainsbury's may not be the first place you would think of heading to for Room Sprays but they have a fantastic range of scents on offer. Orchid and Sweet Coconut is a very sweet and sickly scent, so it may not be for all, but it has a very brightening and sumptuous fragrance.

TU by Sainsbury's Room Sprays retail for £2.99 each from larger Sainsbury's Supermarkets.

Laura Ashely is very much a home ware brand which I view as luxurious, everyone has to have a little luxury in their home so I picked up a pricier Laura Ashley Room Spray for special occasions. Fresh Linen & Jasmine is the exact sort of fresh and breezy scent I have been looking for for my collection of sprays. The Jasmine isn't too overpowering while the linen scent makes the spray wonderful to gently spritz over furnishings (fabric depending) and of course through the air in each room.

Laura Ashley Room Sprays retail for £10 from Laura Ashley stores and online.


Sranrom retail natural and plant based products for your skin, body and home; the Urban Wellness range is designed to tackle a number of complaints which come with living a busy urban lifestyle. The 'Feel Good' Room and Body Spray has a relaxing natural oils scent with spicy and peppery undertones, it's quite unique but very gentle on the nose; again I prefer this spray for use in my rooms only rather than my body as I find it a little too potent once on the skin. In my rooms it is wonderful, very relaxing and soothing - it's great for spritzing on your pillows and in the air after a long and stressful day.

Sranrom Room and Body Sprays retail for £18* each from Sranrom online and selected UK spas.

Do you have a favourite room spray?
Benefit are really well known for their Blush selection, they're forever adding new shades to their already eight strong collection! One of the most popular shades Benefit have ever produced is CORALista, its forever in demand and out of stock thanks to its on trend Coral hues inspired by Rio.
CORALista is packaged inside an attractive cardboard box, inside you will find a generous square pan of blush and an inclusive brush. Benefit recently changed the packaging of their blushes and it's definitely a well needed improvement, rather than the box lid pulling completely away it now lifts up and snaps shut, on the inner of the lid is a small mirror to help with application.
The inclusive brush fits neatly inside the box and sits on top of the product, I tend to discard these brushes because I feel they give a bit of a harsh line rather than a blended finish. Needless to say, the bristles are okay quality and it's quite handy if you're on the go and can't fit a powder brush in your bag.
CORALista is a peach toned coral shade, it's really flattering on almost all skin tones and adds a healthy subtle highlight and glow with a beautiful pop of colour. CORALista has good pigmentation, it's nicely pressed without being chalky or powdery and applies like a dream - lasting on the skin all day or night.
What really gets me about Benefit Blushes is the scent, they smell very talcy and powdery, it's quite an overpowering scent and I find it a little offputting at times!

CORALista retails for £23.50 from Benefit Cosmetics online, in stores and at selected concessions and stockists.
As the weather gets cooler and the nights get darker our feet tend to get put through a lot, I stick my feet in Uggs Boots or Leather Boots around winter and don't take them off until the warmer months. One of my favourite treats for my feet after a long day with tired legs is The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak. It's a little evening treat that helps me to relax while taking care of my feet - minimal effort required!
The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak is packaged inside a large plastic tub, you twist off the lid to reveal the soaking salts and either tip them directly into water or scoop them with your hand. I like to fill a small bowl with warm water then add the salts and soak my feet for ten minutes, sometimes I add them to the bath too and sit with my feet and ankles immersed in the water.
The salts are quite gritty and large but as you sprinkle them into warm water they dissolve and release their Mentha Piperita Essential Oil which has a beautiful peppermint fragrance. I use about a handful of product per session, so a tub lasts me at leasts a month and a half if used regularly.

The Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak is so relaxing and really warms your feet ready for a snuggly evening, it also helps to remove any hard skin slowly in the warm water whilst cleansing and nourishing the skin.

The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak retails for £7/200g from The Body Shop stores and online.
Los Angeles cosmetics brand NYX have launched their online store in the UK and now they've introduced a fabulous new collection of portable palettes perfect for personal, professional use or gifting.
The 'Winter In Moscow' palette is just one of the new additions to the already strong line of cosmetics from NYX, helping you to create metallic smokey eyes and add a flush of colour to your cheeks and lips. It contains 2 blushers, 5 lip colours, 14 eye shadows, 3 applicator brushes and a built in mirror.
The palette is packaged inside sturdy plastic with a magnetic inner, featuring a mirror on the left hand side and a section for storing applicators on the right. The palette simply pulls open and snaps closed, there's a plastic sheet inside to place between each side so the colours don't mix or lose formula. The size of the palette is really compact, it's great for travel and could even be popped into your clutch bag on special occasions and nights out - whenever you need touch ups.

On the left hand side of the palette you will find the blushes and lip colours, neatly lined up in individual pans, above the blushes is an inclusive mirror which is just big enough to see the necessary parts of your face.
The blush formula is really good quality, the colours and beautiful and really well pigmented, lasting on the skin for around five or six hours before fading gently.
I hadn't expected the lip colours to be of great quality but they're fantastic! Super smooth application with no stickiness and nicely pigmented colours.

On the right hand side there are two neat rows of eyeshadows - two large pans and twelve smaller pans. Underneath these is a small compartment for holding the applicators.
All the eyeshadows have really good pigmentation, some have a matte finish and some have a shimmer finish which gives you a lot of choice for the look you want to create. The shades are really beautiful, blend well and last for around four or five hours on the lids before fading a little. I didn't experience any creasing or slipping which is pleasing!

The applicators aren't the best quality but they do the job on-the-go; the lip applicator is a little rigid and I'm not the hugest fan of sponge applicators but the larger blush brush serves its purpose well - I've been using this for eye application as I find it a little too small for my cheeks.

NYX 'Winter In Moscow' Palette retails for £20* from NYX Online and in nationwide Debenhams stores.
Introducing The Bubbles & Butters Company who are tantalising our tastebuds with four brand new tasty bodycare delights available in three ice-cream inspired 'flavours' - Crazy For Chocolate, Scream If You Wanna Go Strawberry and Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango. Available under each flavour is a Lip Butter, Shower Bubbles, Bath Gel and Body Butters.
Each Body Butter is packaged inside a themed tub, twist off the lid and scoop up with product with your hand (no ice cream scoop required...unless it really takes your fancy!). The packaging of the products across the entire line is attractive and really bright and fun, it will definitely appeal to those with a sweeter tooth!
The Body Butter formula is enriched with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E for the most soothing, smoothing and enriching moisturising experience. It's really smooth to the touch, not tough at all and it works into the skin really well. I slather on a generous layer of the Skin Nourishing Body Butter right after a shower to immediately lock in moisture, it can be applied to completely dry skin too and leaves no residue or greasy feeling behind.
What I love most about this product is the scent, oh gosh, it's amazing. It's not artificial or overpowering, it reminds me exactly of Strawberry Angel Delight - lingering on the skin for a couple of hours after application leaving you smelling delicious and divine!

The Bubbles & Butters Company Skin Nourishing Body Butters retail for £6* each from all Tesco Beauty Concept Stores and at The Bath and Body Shop online.
Shu Uemura are a luxury skincare and cosmetics brand working together nature, science and art in their cutting-edge products. Shu Uemura retail two types of loose face powders - Matte Finish and Sheer Finish - available in a selection of shades.
Each Shu Uemura Face Powder is packaged inside a sturdy and high quality plastic pot, twist away the lid to reveal an applicator puff and product. I dispense the product by leaving the lid on, tapping the product to the side a little before removing the lid and sweeping a brush over the 'netting' area where the product is gently released.
The powder texture is so ultra-fine and well milled that it glides over the skin without looking dusty or cakey at all; it's dreamy lightweight, sets immediately and resists transferring. You can alter the finish of the powder slightly by applying a thin veil for a semi-matte look or by building layers for a totally matte finish. The powder helps to banish shine throughout the day and keeps your skin looking really fresh all round the clock. What's great about the formula is that it lasts all day without the need to retouch or reapply.
'Medium-Light' is a very flattering tone, it warms up my complexion nicely whilst giving me light to medium coverage - on good skin days I've been apply to wear this powder completely alone with a touch of concealer. On worse skin days I enjoy applying this powder over my liquid or cream foundations to fix them and give my skin a warm finish.
Shu Uemura Face Powders are more than worth their price, they're really versatile and you can make them work for you. They're some of the best powders I've ever used on my skin, and I will repurchase again!

Shu Uemura Matte Face Powder retails for £26.50 per pot from Shu Uemura online, Shu Uemura stores and stockists, available in 5 shades.
Aussie are that haircare brand that almost everyone has heard of but for those who haven't Aussie is an Australian inspired haircare brand who use special Australian extracts in their products for a truly unique haircare experience. The most popular and best selling products from Aussie are their '3 Minute Miracle' Deep Treatments, under this range is 'Take The Heat' 3 Minute Miracle from the heat protect range. 'Take The Heat' is a range dedicated to those who enjoy using heat on their tresses but not the drying and damaging effects, putting moisture and goodness straight back into your hair whilst giving it the protection against heat it needs with its JoJoba Oil enriched formula.
This year saw the fantastic and long-awaited launch of the Liz Earle Colour Collection - a capsule collection of cosmetics and accessories. I'm pleased to announce that Liz Earle has added extra products to her line to create a complete and fuller makeup collection with plenty more hues and textures just in time for Autumn/Winter. Exciting news, especially for Liz Earle fans like myself - the more to discover the better!
From the eyes range is the Signature Eye Colour, now available in a whopping 20 shades which are all wonderfully autumnal and available in a variety of textures and pigments.
Each Signature Eye Colour is packaged inside a classic deep navy matte box, where inside you will find again the classic and sturdy pan with a mirrored inner and well-pressed pan of colour. You can apply this eyeshadow with a brush or finger, I've been using the Liz Earle Blend & Contour Brush for application as I find it leaves a wonderfully soft finish.
'Bronze' swatches as a gold-toned bronze, it's not glittery or shimmery but highlights the eye really well with an opening and widening effect. Bronze is just a beautiful colour, it's well pigmented, has an ultra soft formula and has good lasting power, I accidentally wore it in the shower and it didn't budge an inch. You can work it into a summery look and give your eyes a sultry glow or mix it with deep browns and nudes for a more glamorous evening look.

Liz Earle Signature Eye Colour retails for £13.50* from Liz Earle stockists, Liz Earle Stores and Liz Earle online.
Cleanse gels are something I like to carry everywhere with me, they're great for freshening up your hands and getting rid of bacteria throughout a busy day if you've not got the chance or facilities to wash your hands. I've used a number of hand gels, my favourite is from The Body Shop in 'Sweet Lemon'. The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gels are Community Trade, Triclosan free and come in a variety of fragrances - Satsuma, Coconut, Strawberry, Mango Sweet Lemon and Pink Grapefruit.
Each gel is packaged inside a small and attractive plastic tube, flip the lid and squeeze to dispense a small amount on your hand. I use a chickpea sized amount for a full application on both hands and then rub them together.
Triclosan is a popular product in the bodycare industry thanks to its antibacterial properties - The Body Shop leave this product out of their Cleanse Gels however as there is no absolute proof that it provides any benefit at all. Triclosan aside, the formula still has antibacterial properties and has a gel consistency which isn't too runny and not too thick, it disappears instantly on contact with your skin.
Sweet Lemon has a scent you wouldn't quite expect, it isn't overpowering or too acidic but really light and delicate, it lingers on the hands for about an hour before disappearing. Usually I find hand gels way over perfumed but The Body Shop have gotten it just right, there's no scent of alcohol or antibacterial either.
The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Cleanse Gel leaves my hands feeling refreshed, cleansed and hydrated too, it doesn't leave any sticky residue or dryness and lasts as long as you need it to, without the need to add water.

The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gels retail for £2.50 each in Body Shop Stores and online.
Inika Cosmetics - creator of certified vegan, halal and organic cosmetics, brushes and accessories - are a brand I have used for around a year. They launched in 2006 and have grown an environmentally, human and animal friendly brand with a clear focus on sourcing high quality, natural and safe ingredients for their products. INIKA’s passion is to create high performance award winning products that deliver fantastic results and that are also organic, natural and good for you
In April this year Inika made the global launch of their original formula Liquid Mineral Foundation on QVC, in four minutes the product completely sold out! Inika Cosmetics are back again this September, due to relaunch their newly improved Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation exclusively on QVC once again with hopes for similar success.

As well as meeting the woman behind Inika Cosmetics - Miranda Bond, world renowned celebrity hair and makeup artist Hamilton, who has over 25 years experience in the beauty industry, is going to be showing you exactly how to get the most out of the new improved formula - definitely something not to be missed!

The new improved foundation comes with a totally airless pump to preserve the product for longer and a smoother more pigmented formula, available in four shades - Cream, Beige, Honey and Tan.
What's great about this already award winning foundation is not only is it high-performance and can create a number of different finishes, it's enriched with Aloe Vera and Macadamia Nut Oil to really benefit the skin throughout wear, while Green Tea extract helps to smooth lines on application and Tamanu Oil helps to soothe sunburn, scarring and pigmentation.
See Inika Cosmetics live on the QVC Alison Young Show Thursday 20th September at 4pm on Freeview 16, Sky 640, Virgin 740 and Freesat 800. Any purchase of Liquid Mineral Foundation includes a free foundation brush worth £22 and a 30 day money back guarantee. The Liquid Mineral Foundation will retail for a special price of £21.36 only on QVC and QVC.com.

Miss Patisserie is a small bath-bomb brand who retail a host of goodies themed around sweet treats such as cakes, macaroons and lollipops. All products are made by hand and are 100% natural with no animal cruelty, created with specific needs and desires in mind. Consider Miss Patisserie your luxurious and delectable bath-time companion that's sugary sweet without the calories.
Small Bath Bakes are packaged inside a sturdy cardboard box and are wrapped in a cupcake wrapper, while larger Bath Bakes are packaged inside larger boxes and finished with a bow for an extra touch of luxury. The packaging makes these bath bombs easy to give as a gift or store in your bathroom.
Bath Bakes from Miss Patisserie are some of their best selling products, and it's no wonder why! With a top half of 'icing' thats crumbled beneath water to release plenty of bubbles and a softening formula and a bath fizzer underneath to add a touch of colour and beautiful essences to your water, this bath bomb goes the extra mile. The formula is really soothing and softens the water for a really luxurious bath soak, in the Plum Crunch Bath Bake you will find small flecks of glitter but these don't interfere with your bath or stick onto your skin.
'Plum Crunch' is the most divine bath-time treat in the colder months, it has a warming scent of sweet plums, citrus notes and cinnamon which is totally delectable and releases slowly as you break apart, crumble, fizz and enjoy your Bath Bake.

Miss Patisserie Bath Bakes make the most sumptuous and unique gift, they'd make incredible wedding favours, guest room treats or pick-me-up gifts; they're great for treating yourself too! I've got my eye right on the box of Macaroon Bath Fizzes and the Orange Twist Bath Bake - mmm!

All Miss Patisserie Bath Bakes retail for £3.99 for a small cupcake as featured including packaging from Miss Patisserie online and small boutique stockists across the UK.
Area H20 is a brand new and innovative brand to save the tresses of males and females across the UK living in different water areas. Water is categorised into three types - Hard, Medium and Soft - the more minerals water contains the 'harder' it becomes. As water becomes 'harder' it also becomes more damaging for our hair as it binds tiny limescale molecules to the lengths, soft water however can cause hair to become slippery and unmanageable. Area H20 offer a range of Shampoos and Conditioners, available alone or as duos, to combat the effects of your areas water type on your hair.
Area H20 products are packaged in easily recognisable bottles and tubes - the bottle design features on all shampoos with a push-cap dispense mechanism, whilst the conditioners are contained in an easy squeeze tube. I find the design a little basic but it is suitable for both males and females, getting right to the point of the product too.
The formulation of the Hard Water Area Shampoo & Conditioner is specially formulated to draw out mineral ions and salt residues which can weigh down hair. The shampoo has a classic formula which foams and lathers well on contact with water, whilst the conditioner is silky smooth and glides through the hair without slipping away too quickly.
I've lived in both hard and soft water areas and know that my hair feels ten times nicer to the touch and looks healthier when washed in softer/medium water, hard water leaves my hair feeling really dry and weighed down. After one use in a hard water area my hair felt smooth and had a wonderful shine that it wouldn't usually have if I'd used a standard shampoo and conditioner. Regular and repeated use of the products together helps to clarify my hair, it feels unbelievably clean after use and when I run my fingers through my hair it is less tangled and a lot more manageable.

Area H20 Shampoos and Conditioners retail at Look Fantastic for £7.95 each or in a duo pack for £14*.
Right now thousands of students across the UK are starting out at or returning to University, myself included. Last year at University I really enjoyed using my University Student Card for discounts in stores but found it wasn't accepted online, so I purchased an NUS Card. NUS Cards are run by the National Union of Students and cost around £11 to purchase, they last for one year from purchase. Having just finished the term of my NUS Card and looking back I didn't make back my £11 on it - I'm quite disappointed; I was going to purchase another and give it a second chance, until I heard about Uni Days.

Uni Days is an online website created especially for students at Universities and Colleges across the UK who don't want to pay for their discounts. Brands such as Motel, Topshop, ASOS, Waterstones and many more all offer discounts and special offers through Uni Days and provide you with a unique code to paste into the promotional code or student discount boxes. Discounts can be anything up to 30%, with opportunities for extra discount and competitions on the Uni Days Twitter and Facebook.

This is something I wanted to personally share with you all, being a student with very little money means discounts and offers are life savers - don't pay for this privilege any more!

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28 days ago both myself and my mother embarked on a challenge with the AVON Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment - a new treatment launching tomorrow (September 14th 2012) nationwide exclusively to AVON. You can read my introductory post about this product just in case you missed it here.
AVON Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment is revolutionary in its A-F33 Anti-Aging molecule and retinol blend. Not only can the treatment help smooth fine lines but it can improve the skins tone, appearance, texture and plumpness.
The formula of the Pro Line Corrector Treatment is creamy and easy to apply, it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving any residue and doesn't have a potent scent at all. One of the ingredients, Retinol, is a very strong ingredient so it is paramount to apply sunscreen and avoid sun exposure where possible during use. Neither myself nor my mother experienced any dryness, sensitivity or disruption to the skin during use of the product.
100% of women in clinical trials showed visible results in just two weeks, we have been trialling the product for 4 weeks - it is applied once a day to areas on the face which you wish to smooth. My mother strictly applied the cream daily around her eyes and cheeks as these are the areas she feels have the deepest and most prolific lines.
As you can see, after only 28 days the cream has plumped the skin, improved brightness, tone and also smoothed the wrinkles - they look a little plumper and not as deeply set. My mother is unbelievably impressed with the cream, being a sceptic of any anti-aging product she can't believe that she has seen results so quickly.

Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment is launches tomorrow exclusively to AVON for £30/30ml*.
Daniel Sandler is a professional Make Up Artist who has created a range of award-winning cosmetics that are easy to use and can be used by anyone. I was lucky enough to have my makeup applied by Daniel a couple of months ago and felt over the moon, he is truly talented. You can trust his products to contain no nasty ingredients and use high quality pigments and blends.
Today I am sharing with you his Watercolour Crème Bronzer in shade 'Riviera', there are two shades in the collection - Riveria, for adding a touch of warmth and Soft Peach for adding a touch of colour.
The bronzers are packaged inside clear plastic casing which snap open to reveal a pan of creamy formula pressed well into the pan. I find the plastic a little easy to snap or break so do take note to be carful with it. Simply apply the formula with a brush or finger straight from the pan.
'Riviera' is a classic bronze shade with beautiful yet subtle copper hues, it has a very gentle shimmer highlight but nothing too obvious and absolutely no glitter. Riviera can be used for contouring to really make your features stand out or as an all-over bronzer for a touch of colour and a glowing complexion.
The formula is creamy to the touch but transforms to a powdery finish on the skin, it isn't at all slippery or greasy and lasts all day. I prefer to apply the bronzer with my finger than a brush to produce a stronger colour pay off and more precise application, if you want a more gentle finish then buff this all over with a buffing or stippling brush. This shade is quite ideal for most skin colours, even paler tones, as it swatches very subtly at first and can then be built for the desired finish - I've been using it as an eyeshadow at times too, it's very versatile.
I was recently looking into purchasing Tan De Soleil from Chanel, I'm so glad I discovered the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Bronzer, it has a softer and more workable colour that works in almost exactly the same way for half the price!

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Crème Bronzers retail for £15.50* from Hairtrade.com.
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