Origins Super Spot Remover

30 December 2013
I'm really wading my way through hyped cult products today aren't I. Here's Origins Super Spot Remover, which promises to heal, fade and fight blemishes fast. Usually I don't buy into blemish fighting products (they never work for me or are too strong for my skin) but the Super Spot Remover had so many rave reviews that I had to give it a go and see if it really is that good.
£14 for a tiny pot (10ml…) seems like a lot but if you consider the size of a spot and the amount you need to use, it's all relative and this will last you a good amount of time. The key is to use it properly - squeeze the bottle so a blob of gel appears, tap a cotton bud into it and then dab onto the spot. I would recommend using a different end of each bud for each different spot to prevent spreading the problem; I particularly don't use my fingers because I don't want to transfer any oil or dirt onto the area.
So what's inside to help with blemishes? Salicylic Acid is the key ingredient which will dry out the blemish with minimal scarring, this is teamed with red algae and caffeine to calm and reduce swelling immediately. There's also anti-spot technology which needs little explaining. When you apply the cool gel formula you feel a very slight tingly stingy sensation - that's the acid getting to work - it's not hugely uncomfortable, it's over in a second and if anything it's a good sign that the product is getting to work.
So does it work? Well it isn't a complete miracle worker, your blemishes are not going to be significantly reduced within ten minutes of application or even over night. You have to work at it. I would say after one application nothing happens, perhaps a slight reduction in redness and size but nothing different to what a dab of toothpaste or sudocrem could do. You've got to stick at it, I try to apply this between two and three times a day to the area for two days. Redness is reduced by my second use on the first day as is size and by the second day I notice the spot is significantly reduced in size and has near enough dried up completely. 
I find Super Spot Remover works best as a preventative - put it on as soon as you feel that spot coming on - because once it's in full flow and has a head all it does it make it go a bit crispy…it will remain sore. 

All in all this was worth buying, it's no miracle treatment but what spot treatment is? It does however prevent onset blemishes getting nasty and will save your bacon if you need any reduction you can take in a hurry. It's definitely worth a try if you suffer from blemishes and want to get rid as quickly as you can.

Origins Super Spot Remover costs £14 from Origins stockists such as John Lewis, Debenhams or online.


  1. I really like this product and a little goes a long way :)

  2. I really want to try this, hope I can get my hands on some soon.

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. This is definitely a staple item for me and when I do need to use it, it's unbelievably effective :o). Xx

  4. I didn't really care too much for it.
    It does work but it's not the best thing out there and I find that
    it's too drying for my skin!
    But lovely review!

    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

  5. This sounds wonderful. I use the La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI - Targeted Breakout Corrector and it does wonders reducing pimples and redness. x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  6. I've tried so many different spot removers but this is definitely my favorite xx

  7. I have to agree, it's no miracle worker but it's the best I have found so far! One good thing is a little goes a long way with this, I have had mine for months and only just noticed it going down! xxx

  8. I have been meaning to give this product a try for ages now…seems like the perfect spot saviour!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  9. I definitely need this, breaking out quite badly lately! :(

    Danniella x |

  10. Great and honest review, totally refreshing
    Happy New Year xx

  11. Would you recommend the product for acne prone skin?

    Gemma Taylor-Jones

    1. Probably not Gemma, when I had acne anything with salicylic acid in it did anything but help…it just irritated my skin and made it even worse! If you have really bad acne I would recommend seeing your doctor. But also make sure you are 100% removing all traces of makeup (don't use just a cream cleanser, definitely wash your face with warm water and follow up with a good toner!) and keep your makeup brushes really clean. That will help prevent spreading bacteria or getting any build up in your pores.
      I think this is better as an every so often odd here and there spot treatment, it works but not brilliantly so if I had acne again I wouldn't rely on it to help X

  12. Best spot removers for womens. No side effect using this remover.

  13. very smart fashion style.. helpful!!!

  14. I love this stuff and a little goes a long way which means it lasts for ages! xx


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