GHD Candy Collection

28 February 2013
'The cutest limited edition yet'

Since I started using hair stylers my go-to brand has been GHD, there's plenty of brands on the market but for me Good Hair Days marry together salon quality and deliverance of results perfectly. I've had my trusty pair of Gold IV stylers for a few years now and as an avid GHD fan and user I'm excited to hear that for Spring/Summer 2013 GHD have launched a trio of IV stylers capturing signature springtime colours, perfect for brightening up your styling routine.
It's rare that I publish a post without the actual product in hand but information about the new GHD collection just dropped into my inbox and I couldn't resist sharing. I'm swooning over this launch so much and can't resist sharing more to see what you think too...
I've gone a little Origins crazy lately, since discovering them by chance last year - how I hadn't noticed them already I just don't know - I've been on some mission to try everything I possibly can. When I was on a swatching trip I needed something to remove the makeup from my hand, a tester pot of Origins Well Off Eye Makeup Remover was the closest thing to me so I gave it a go. No sooner had I tested it I was hot footing it to the counter to make my purchase.
It's all too well known that my most favourite multitasking eye product is Liz Earle Eyebright, parting ways with it is a big deal for me, so it might come as a surprise that my beloved has been, perhaps temporarily, replaced for another. 

Nail Art is all the rage right now and with more designs getting spotted on catwalks and celebrities there's a high demand for products that help us recreate signature looks at home. New-ish kids on the block 'Nail Art' from Skin Art have created a pack of 60 individual nail stickers in 10 designs with a 'something for everyone' approach; whether you want to express your rock chick side, your girly side or your whimsical side there's something fitting for you. Having launched their Nail Tattoos last year Nail Art have now released a limited edition set of polishes that can be used on their own or with the stickers to create a complete nail look. I've been putting the polishes and stickers to the test this week.
'No wash shouldn't mean no volume!'

Over the past few months high-street haircare brand V05 have had a total revamp from their packaging to advertising campaigns and have introduced a new set of ranges targeting hair by colour, type and style. When it comes to volume my hair is seriously lacking, we all know by now I'll give anything volumising a go so this new 'Plump It Up' volume range from VO5 was obviously my first pick of the new ranges. I've got the Dry Backcomb Spray here and unfortunately I was left less than impressed...perhaps volume + me just isn't meant to be.
'Hair is a woman's ultimate beauty asset...the only thing she never takes off'

Daniel Galvin OBE is well known for his revolutionary take on hair colouring and for his work with top celebrities and publications. Daniels' journey began in the 1960s at Leonard salon and in 1977 he and opened his salon on George Street, Marylebone which still opens its doors to clients today and is the 'home' of Daniel Galvins revolutionary ideas and methods for colouring. Daniel's salon was the first to introduce professional hair colour techniques using blends of natural ingredients invented by Daniel Galvin himself, who began to take on apprentices to teach them his techniques and pass on his talents. There's been a few changes since the 70's, like an ever growing menu of not only hair treatments but beauty treatments that's now on offer, what hasn't changed though is the deliverance of expertise and encouragement of young hairdressers to become the best in the industry. 
I headed to the salon last week to get the Daniel Galvin lo-down and experience what's on offer*, leaving with freshly polished fingers and toes and a new hairstyle that looks good enough to shout about.
'Soft Apricot, Candy Pink'

I've been going a little Illamasqua crazy lately but I really want to share with you the products I have from their latest collection - I'mPerfection - so you can snap up your favourite products before they go as a lot of the collection is Limited Edition.
Today I'm going to share with you a product that was released back in December as a 'teaser' for the collection, described as 'perfect for the party season' just made sense to launch it early and thankfully it's stuck around. It's not just ideal for when you're heading out to a 'do' though, the Blusher Duo palettes have been designed to work around you, build the colour or go gentle, vamp it up or tone it down, use together or separately and if you really feel like it use the colours as eyeshadow too! There are three duos in the collection that team together some of Illamasqua's best loved blushers that can be matched to your skin tone and colour preferences; I've got the Blusher Duo in 'Lover' and 'Hussy'.
Inspired by the isle of Jersey, known for its beautiful scenery, tranquil surroundings and natural local produce, comes a range of bath and body products for men, women and 'les petits' by Seascape Island Apothecary. Seascape Island Apothecary recreate the tranquil and calming atmosphere of Jersey in your home with natural oils, essences and special blends of natural ingredients straight from the Isle itself. With products free from artificial or synthetic fragrances and colours and a promise of no parabens, SLS, petroleum or silicones and a completely vegetarian friendly range Seascape Island Apothecary are a welcome addition to a wealth of spa inspired, natural products.
A trip to a spa would be dreamy but with a lack of time and money on my side it just isn't going to happen, so, I've been enjoying a slice of the spa at home with Seascape Island Apothecary luxury bath and body products. Here I've got the Uplift Body Wash and the 'hero product' Peppermint Lipbalm.
'Vivid Pink, Matte Finish'

The I'mPerfection Collection from Illamasqua for Spring 2013 has been triumphant in just its first week since the launch and is it any surprise with such a poignant message and eye capturing range of products inspired by nature? One of the permanent products from the I'mPerfection Collection is a new shade of matte lipstick called 'Immodest'.
'Keep Your Skin In A Perfect World'

Let's talk moisturisers...hands up who owns too many of them? My hand is firmly raised. I apply moisturiser every day, twice a day, and that's because my skin just feels better with some applied. I can openly admit that I own far too much of the stuff with no justification (other than perhaps I'm a beauty blogger) and so rotate my collection regularly to get through them all. One pot from my collection that has really stood out for me lately is A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturiser by Origins. When I passed the Origins counter last year my moisturiser radar went crazy for their extensive selection and I couldn't resist adding just one more to my collection. A couple of samples and a few trials later and I returned to make my purchase and have been reaching for it ever since. I've even put some into a sample pot for travelling, it must be love.

Stylfile Nailcare Collection

10 February 2013
'Curved nailcare innovation from Tom Pellereau'

Back in 2011 inventor Tom Pellereau walked away as the winner of BBC's 'The Apprentice' and launched one of the most innovative nail care products of the time - the Stylfile. Stylfiles quickly became popular for their curved shape and unique design, promising elegant nails in a flash. Fast forward to 2013 and the Stylfile range is ever growing with 4 products on the market as well as a handy try-it-all Nailcare Collection.
'Rapid Hard Skin Remover'

Cracked and dry heels, just the thought makes me cringe. During the winter I don't pay much attention to my feet at all but as summer approaches its one of my top beauty priorities to get them into shape for sandals and flip flops. Many of us suffer with an unsightly heel, it can be quite an embarrassing issue for some but rest assured there are solutions out there that don't require setting a foot in a salon. In December 2012 I took action to achieve a softer, more pleasant foot and after much research into my options I stumbled across the Micro Pedi. The thought of scrapers and graters that are typically offered up on the market put me off going near my hard skin even more, quite frankly, whereas the Micro Pedi offered up something totally different.
Micro-Pedi by Emjoi hosts revolutionary hard-skin removing technology with interchangeable mineral rollers than skim over the hard skin 30 times per second at 360 degrees. Emjoi claim the device is a completely painless method of hard skin removal that offers up 'instant salon results' and 'smoother feet in up to just one week'.

The Simple French Manicure

8 February 2013
Ah, the French Manicure. Feminine, classic, timeless...a nightmare to recreate outside the salon. I love freshly manicured nails particularly when I'm sporting the timeless French mani, it's something customers pay a buck for at salons that can easily be recreated back at home if you're in the know-how. 
It's so simple, oh so simple, a coat or two of base and a slick of white across the tip. I've experimented with all sorts of methods to create an at home French Mani; first I tried kits available in stores (synopsis: poor quality), then we had the slick of white nail polish over a nude base followed by experimentation of ways to draw the brush across the tip of my nail to get the perfect line at the perfect angle. I'm talking angled brushes (synopsis: don't seem to work), straight-across go-for-it-girl method (aka the scruffy finish) and gentle upwards dabs and flicks (disaster, wonky tips alert). None worked too well.
Green People Sugar Scrub is the latest addition to my collection of body scrubs I've been using to buff away dry winter skin in a bid to reveal smooth and supple skin in time for summer. Green People Scrub is a scrub with a difference, it's organic, it's vegetarian and animal friendly, it's SLS, Paraben, Lanolin and all other nasties free and it's got a unique, luxurious formula. 
Green People source their products with over 90% ingredients guaranteed, the Body Scrub contains 95% organic ingredients with formulas and ingredients based on Phyto Science. Phyto Science is plant performance without a compromise, natural and organic ingredients are scientifically paired to deliver beautiful results and luxurious scents with high performance and a reduced impact on the environment.
'Create a peaceful haven before bedtime with this calming double act.'

When it comes to sleeping my routine is sporadic, my schedule varies every day and it's different every week so getting into a regular bed time routine is a thing of the past! When I do finally get to hit the sheets it can be really hard to 'switch off', I find myself falling asleep well over an hour after I go to bed.
This sporadic night time routine doesn't fit into my early mornings and leaves me feeling tired throughout the day; having tried all other options and failing to see an improvement I've turned to good old beauty remedies to sort me out.
When I was younger I envied other children who had freckled faces, freckles are such a unique feature that I never had and always wanted. I still don't have freckles, so I'm expressing my secret wish to have them on my nails with Illamasqua's Limited Edition Freckle Nail Polish, part of the range of speckled polishes released for the Im'Perfection Collection.
Fresh from the salon of top colourist Daniel Galvin Junior is a truly exciting new range of botanical and organic haircare products available at an affordable price (you won't believe it until you see it) - word has it Millie Mackintosh is a fan! Organic Head believe in products that are honest to you, promising no harsh chemicals, sulphates or parabens in any of their products, only natural plant and oil goodness.
You only need to take one look at my unattended fine, limp hair to know that its perhaps a touch over processed with heat styling and lacking in all the good stuff, including bounce, shine and a healthy appearance. Organic Head, cleverly shortened to Oh!, offer up three Detox & Purify products to solve oily hair woes, smooth frizzy ends and nourish tired, dull and stressed hair (it's a range designed to solve all my hair complaints in one, excellent). I've been putting these to the test alongside the Heat Defence & Shine Spray in a bid to spruce up my locks but on a purse pleasing budget.

OPI 'Langham Pink' Swatches

3 February 2013
It's been a while since I posted about OPI polishes, they used to be my go-to luxury polish brand but then Essie came on the scene and my OPI's started gathering dust in the corner. That was until my recent stay at the Langham Hotel in London; when I saw they sold limited edition Langham Hotel OPI polishes I couldn't pass up the chance to make a purchase and hopefully fall for OPI all over again!

Love Chases Revealed!

1 February 2013
Alert, alert, breaking news! You might have seen the exclusive and elusive video I posted just a few days ago all about 'Love Chases' but there was little information I could I can finally reveal to you what it's all about!
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